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Food intolerances and chemotherapy

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I suffer from multiple food intolerances and I am very worried about how I react to chemotherapy for breast cancer.

Has anyone with lots of intolerances got any information/ tips about dealing with reactions to chemo?

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Welcome to the Mac Community.

I think a lot would depend on which foods these are and how they affect you in severity ?

Is this just foods, or other things like pollen, plants etc - Lactulose intolerance can be a problem as some cancer treatment tablets contain lactulose in some form, but there are nearly always alternatives they can use if needed.

It would help you if you also joined the Breast Group here (link) and post this message there, as there may be others with similar issues as it is a very active group with lots of members.

You are kept a close eye on during chemo, especially during your first session for any signs of reaction.

There is also a monthly chemo club in the breast group where those undergoing chemotherapy can support each other.

Hope this is of some help, take care, G n' J

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Thanks for your reply.

I am very worried that I will have an adverse reaction to the chemo and that it will increase my number of intolerances. My intolerances are foods, fruit, vegetables, some chemicals which have not been identified as it has been easier to avoid plus others that I can't remember at the moment.

I have yet to find someone with similar issues but I will go on the breast group to see if they have any suggestions.