Self love during breast cancer treatment

Hi everyone, 

Just wanting to get some ideas/feedback for how people boost their self esteem whilst undergoing chemotherapy/undergone mastectomy. 


  • Hi there,

    To be honest trying to boost my self esteem whilst having Chemo was very difficult for me.

    The one thing I did everyday was pencil my eyebrows on, no matter how exhausted and rubbish I felt. 

  • Hi, 

    Completely understand this! I personally found through witnessing my mums journey that having a nice hot bath, moisturising made her feel the world of good! 

    Now post-treatment, she is trying to regain her confidence back, after losing all her hair. She also used to go speak to where she had her breast examination at a heathcare providers she attended to talk to the team there on methods to help boost self-esteem when in remission.