Hi all, I started my chemotherapy on Tuesday last week, I started with the first 2 drugs that they abreviate as AC which I will have every 3 weeks for 9 weeks. I wonder us anybody else experiencing extreme fatigue & how are you coping with it. I'm only on my first treatment & I feel like I have so far to go. This is much harder than I imagined.

  • Hi 

    Fatigue during chemo is just about #1 on the side effects list, as a heck of a lot of good cells get wiped out as well as the cancer cells. Although you get told about low white cell counts dropping during chemo they say very little about the red cells which carry oxygen around getting reduced; this is the main reason why fatigue is so common apart from it being a total body onslaught.

    White cell counts can recover quite quickly but no so much with the red cells - You just about get over one session and the next one starts :-/ 

    How are you for any other side effects ?  There is a regular monthly chemo discussion in the Main Breast Group you could check out and get involved with if you feel it would help chatting with others also having or have already been through BC chemo. If you click the link above to the breast group look out for the June Chemo Club discussion near the top of the list.

    If you have any questions just reply to any of the other messages there and yours will get added to the most recent page as it is a rolling discussion.

    Are you having AC Chemotherapy only or is your chemo regime changing to something different after the 3 sessions ?

    Hope this is of some help at a tough time, take care, G n' J