Diagonosed 2018 june triple negative stage 2 B in remission now


As I was saying I was diagnosed in june 2018 had 6 cycles of chemotherapy 20 sessions of radiation lymph node clearance 1 node infected 14 clear path report clear margins reconstruction surgery done to both breasts. Normal underneath five year plan for mammograms etc first year clear going on to my second year mammograms in February. I am trying to keep positive but some days the fear of a recurrence does get to me especially with triple negative first five years are high. Just trying to appreciate every day and try not think about it. Also doing painting and my art helps. Does this fear ever go away? That's my question for you all.

  • Morning   Koala

    Just about everyone gets jittery when the annual review comes around but having recurrence worries often will be doing your mojo no good at all :-/

    They do say TN ladies are at greater risk for the first 5 years but you have done everything you could to vastly lower the risk of this happening and yes you have to be alert for any signs but please don't let your mind go into overdrive at every twinge or ache, or your life will seem like running around Escher's Staircase Thumbsup tone2

    Gather up all those recurrence worries, put them in your Pandora's box, tape it well down. Then shove it somewhere right at the back of your mind.

    Although her bc wasn't TN, J's favourite saying is -

    "Don't Miss Today's Sunshine Worrying About Tomorrow's Rain"

    Hope this is of some help, hugs, G n' J