Hi guys

I have just had my last round of chemo on friday. I have spoken to my specialist nurse who has said I can expect to have surgery anytime from 15th June. I will be having a lumpectomy and also having the nipple removed. Does anyone have any advice for after the surgery. Thanks in advance.

Moffgirl x

  • Good Morning

    Surgery is very much like chemotherapy in the fact that its not as bad as you imagine it will be.

    I had 2 lumpectomies and the first i stayed in over night but only because the anesthetic made me sick, and the second i was home for tea. I also had my nipple removed but that was later on so glad you're having that done now at the same time.

    Yes you have to take it easy but taking over the counter pain killers will keep the pain at bay. I was told to take front fastening clothes but managed just as well with tshirts over my head. 

    Hope you get it done soon and aren't left waiting xx

  • Hi I just finished my chemo too and am due a mastectomy on the 15th. My first mastectomy was last year and the recovery was surprisingly quick for what seemed a big surgery. I had to have someone with me for 24 hours in case problems with bleeding or the anaesthetic. No idea who I'm going to ask this time with shielding and lockdown and everything! 

    I'm not sure how different yours will be but can let you know how it was for my mastectomy and maybe it will be similar or less recovery time for you? 

    Woke up and felt incredibly nauseous - they gave me antisickness medicine for this in the hospital before sending me home within a couple of hours of waking up.

    They said they wouldn't give me painkillers so to stock up on lots and lots of paracetamol - they did give me some painkillers though - codeine I think. Keep taking the paracetamols even if you don't feel like you need them so you can do the exercises. (advice I was given and stuck to)

    First day - felt exhausted and could barely move my arm. Told not to weight bear / lift for a week. After that i rested but felt fine to sort dinner for kids and make myself cups of tea and so on.

    The drain was wierd but not too bad, think I had it out after 4 or 6 days and they were able to check the scar at the same time. They gave me a little bag to keep it in which helped and  sleeping was fine. The dressing was waterproof so can still shower normally. 

    They gave me exercises to start straight away - these were fine. After a week I had to do additional exercises and I couldn't fully stretch my arm - was painful to do so. When I had a follow up a week or so later she told me off for not doing my exercises  (I was just couldn't do properly- I couldn't straighten my arm properly to do them as was far too painful.) She said must do exercises and can not damage anything. She pressed into and pulled my arm there was a huge cracking sound and she said that was the scar tissue breaking down (it hurt) but she said I could get my son to do that again if needed (it wasn't) but was amazing- could move it, do all the exercises and recovery was probably only 3 weeks or so. I felt back to normal and started getting out and about and going for walks - felt great until I was told I needed chemo and then obviously the lockdown too! The longest thing to recover was the bit  under the armpit as I guess you can't exercise or stretch that - it didn't feel painful though just a bit achey. 

     I had dissolvable stitches and one of the stitches (at the end) just wouldn't dissolve - it was really irritating for ages but did go in the end and in the whole scheme of things was a very minor annoyance!

    Around the scar site it still feels kind of numb as the nerve endings have gone. It's just a wierd feeling - nothing bad.

    I hope yours goes as well as mine did - I know everyone has different experiences depending on lots of things but recovery was quick for me so very best wishes to you for your op. 

    Rest, take the paracetamol, do your exercises and as soon as they say you can lift things / not do any damage to it carry on as normal. 

  • Hi Thescriptfan

    Thank you for your help and advice. I think it's just the fear of the unknown coz yes chemo hasn't been anywhere near as bad as I though.


    Moffgirl x

  • Hi Freida

    Thanks for sharing your experience and the advice. Hopefully it won't be too bad.

    Thank you

    Moffgirl x

  • Hi ladies 

    I had a lumpectomy and sentinel node biospy for the first op , to be honest recovery was very quick from this , I was back to normal within 10 days. I did the exercises religiously 3 times a day . Its surprising how quick movement comes back. However results from my biospy showed node involvement so I had a full level 3 clearence , this was a little tougher to recover from but again I did the exercises as told to do and was recovered in about 3 weeks. For me the ops was easy , I'm currently undergoing chemo and although I've not had really bad side effects I still say the ops was the easy part. I had a drain for my 2nd op just overnight ,  the drain I found awful even after  it came out. The skin itched like mad. 

    Hope this helps , good luck for you operation.  I'm sure you'll do just great. 


  • Hi Ju72,

    I'm in a similar position to you - recovered well from the first op and back in tomorrow for lymph node clearance.  So worried about it all - sitting here feeling sick and shaking and logged on here for a bit of support. Your message was the first message at the top of the page - I must have been meant to read it.

    Wish me luck x

  • Hi I had my op first, lumpectomy and my nipple removed although I still have about half of my areola on the left side left. Luckily my nodes were clear so only the one was taken. Unfortunately I had to another op as cells were found in the medial margin but physically it made no difference. 
    I healed quickly after both ops, medication was over the counter and exercises easy to complete x3 daily. 
    I found the nodes scar site the most uncomfortable. 
    I wore front fastening bra’s from m+s 24/7 4months and I think the support helped a lot. 
    I’m due to have 5/8 chemo cycles this week, changing from EC to PAC which is causing a little anxiety as I’ve just got used to what to expect from EC after a dodgy start. 
    good luck, lets us know how you get on 

  • Hi

    Thank you for sharing your experience. I've just finished my chemo and was a little worried about the surgery  you have put my mind at ease. Thanks again. Hope your chemo goes well. I had 8 rounds and to be honest although I had side effects they weren't as bad as I thought they were going to be. They weren't anything I didnt think I could cope with. Xx

  • Hi good luck with your operation  today , expect more stiffness than before . But you will be fine , honestly . Hope all goes well and that your home for tea time. If you need to ask me anything I dont mind if you pm me , I drop in one the site every couple of days or so. 


  • Thanks Ju72,

    I had my op on Monday and got home Wednesday lunchtime.  Feeling not too bad and managing the exercises with some pain killers.  I won't get the results until 23/6 which seems awfully far away.  I feel sick thinking about it. Disappointed

    Hope you're keeping well.

    Liz x