Breast Cancer and chemo

Hi I’m 44 just joined the group and recently diagnosed with breast cancer I’ve had a mastectomy, reconstructive surgery and lymph nodes removed.

I’m starting the first part of chemo tmrw (E&C) for 4 sessions and wondered if anyone had any advice. I live alone as well.  

Thank you in advance and lovely to meet you all  

  • Hi 

    Warm welcome to the club no one wants to join, hope you have recovered well from surgery.

    The chemo regime you are having is fairly standard and there is a regular monthly BC chemo discussion in the Main Breast Group you can check out and get involved with if you think it will help you to 'chat' with others who are having or have already been through chemotherapy.

    You can find the May Chemo Club discussion clicking the coloured text link. If you look at the 'Chemo Tip' link in the very first message you will find a list of items it may be worth getting hold of in advance if you can.

    Top of the list is something for constipation and also diarrhoea as you may get either and one can turn to the other as chemo can upset the rhythm your digestive tract. Packet of Ginger Nut and Arrowroot biscuits (I know seems weird) but both can help with any nausea and the steroids given will give you the munchies also a thermometer to keep a check for any infection signs when your white cell count is low. You may go off the taste of tea and/or coffee so maybe get a few bottles of flavoured water based drinks as you will need at least 2 litres of fluid a day to keep you hydrated. Supermarket multi buys for instance ?

    Isolating during this Covid bug is bad enough but having chemo on top of that can be tough some days :-/  Do join the main breast group as well as this Under 50's group - most are members of both to cover all the bases and the other group is far more active especially at random times when the other groups are fairly quiet.

    If you mention what type of breast cancer have you been diagnosed with it can help with getting replies.

    Anything goes, so feel free to ask whatever questions you have however silly they may seem, we're all here to help if we can.

    Hope this is of some help at a scary time, take care, G n' J

  • Hi

    after just finishing my chemo I would say don’t put too much pressure on yourself everyone’s journey is different

    practical stuff - stock up on all different flavour drinks as I found my tastes changed depending on how many days before I’d had chemo

    never think you are alone I’ve found there is always someone on heat with a kind word or a helpful tip or just an ear to hear you xx

  • Hi

    Thank you it’s very scary and going into the unknown. 
    glad to hear your journey for chemo is complete. Well done. 
    thank you xx

  • Morning Tanya  

    Good luck for today, hopefully it won't be anywhere near as scary as you are imagining.  The E part may make your pee pink for a while, so don't go thinking this is blood.

    G n' J

  • Thank you Pray tone1 I’m hoping not as in my mind it couldn’t get any worse !! Frowning2 
    Oh ok think they said it could last up to 48 hrs ? 

  • Morning Tanya  / 

    How are you feeling today after your first session ?

    Don't forget if you have any issues or questions regarding chemo there is the May Chemo Club in the main breast group .

    Hope you not too queasy, G n' J

  • Hi G n' J

    Thank you for asking.  I felt ok just a bit of nausea late on in the night, but it was so hot Weds night so don't think that helped!  I felt great yesterday but a bit dizzy headed like today, but that seems to be wearing off.

    I thought that I did join that but will double check I may not have done it right.

    Thanks for the reminder.

    LTC44 x

  • Hi

    Pleased to read you seem to be on top of it Tanya Thumbsup tone1

    You can check out and reply to any of the May Chemo Club messages; you only need to actually join the main breast group to start a new discussion and get email notifications. But as yet you are only a member of the Under 50's BC group.

    Take care, G n' J

  • Oh super thank you will have a look and do that then, probably my fault as just getting used to this!! 

    Thank you x