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Breast cancer for the under-50s

Breast cancer is far less common in the under-50s, but this can leave younger people with a diagnosis feeling isolated. This group is a place for them to come together, share experiences and support each other.

Cancer then Covid

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Hi I’m just wondering if anyone else is in my shoes . I had breast cancer last year, mastectomy, radiotherapy and antibody treatment that ended early at the end of March . My poor dad brought corona virus home after a hospital stay and I had to move in for a week to look after him not knowing he had corona . He sadly died on 31st March from it . I was tested on 30th March and was positive . I’m recovered and well now but I just feel at times “ why me ? Why my family”  it’s been very tough mentally and physically. The fatigue is still with me from my cancer treatment and I have pain still in my shoulder and mastectomy site . Feeling a bit lost x 

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First can i say how sorry i am about you're dad.

I finished my cancer treatment last July, i had so many plans for when i got the all clear, but everything has had to be put on hold. I turn 50 in October and i have a party planned but it looks like i might have to cancel it, it wasn't just going to be a birthday party but a thank you to all the friends who supported me.

When the covid thing first appeared i worried, i work at a special needs school and all i could think was it took me a year to fight cancer now i have to keep myself safe from this. But no where near as tough as you have had it. My granddaughter is 1 next month and lives 50 miles away, i'm hoping lockdown will continue to ease then at least i may get to spend her birthday with her. 

I have the same issues as you, the fatigue is horrible, luckily i got to see a fatigue nurse a few times before lockdown, and as for pain in my shoulder and mastectomy site i get this too. I did speak to my breast care nurse about it and she said its the after effects from the radiotherapy and will be on and off for a few years but to take ibuprofen to ease it, and it seems to work.

Lost is a good description, i often feel lost, like no one understand and unsure of who to turn to. 

Take it easy and i hope knowing i totally get where you are coming from helps you not feel so lost, reading your post has me xxx

Take Care and keep talking xxx

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