Just been diagnosed, which hospital do I go to?

Hello, Tuesday I was diagnosed with breast cancer I’m 40 years old. I wanted some advice on which hospital is the best for this cancer and treatment. I’m currently under Basingstoke but was considering Southampton? Can anyone give me any advice or experiences they have had with either? Thank you Pray 

  • Hi 

    Warm welcome to the Mac Community, not a club anyone ever wanted to join :-/

    Sorry you haven't had a reply to your question as yet...

    You may want to also join the Main Breast Group (Link) and start a new discussion asking this there as well.  Most of the Under 50's group for BC join both as the main group is far more active, the treatments are basically the same and it has members countrywide.

    I would have assumed Southampton being a Uni hospital would provide more specialist services like Oncology but have no experience of either.

    Hope this is of some help to get you some answers.

    Take care, G n' J

  • Hey Emmylou I can’t comment on Basingstoke, but I’m a patient at Southampton and can’t fault them... they have always been compassionate and professional with me I’ve always felt looked after and safe in there hands.

    I wish you luck with your treatment xx