Feeling a burden.

I'm on lockdown with my fiancé and I feel like such a burden. I had my first chemo yesterday morning and had to get the paramedics out this morning at 4am as I couldn't find my red card. I felt like I was eating there time even though my partner agreed I was reacting really badly. 

He is constantly checking up on me and is now shielding with me. I feel like he's trapped because of me and I'm constantly apologising. (Which he keeps telling me not to do). 

Anyone else in a similar position?

  • Hi I'm not I'm the same position,  but just wanted to say that a cancer diagnosis is a complete shock and having chemo is hard,  far less under lockdown.  I ended up in A&E after every EC chemo due to chest pain and palpitations,  probably a combination of the chemo and steroids. I was given 4 different tablets to take for a few days after each one,  and realised after the third that one of them actually made me worse,  so it might be worth speaking to oncologist or pharmacist about that, in case they need to tweek them.

    It sounds like your fiance is very supportive,  which is great.  If you are worried about going out you can be prioritised for online deliveries if need be.  I masked up and went to Sainsbury's at the start of lockdown with my shielding letter,  and now can have one delivery a week,  and choose from almost any time in the coming week! The other supermarket to get the  government list is Waitrose, who I didn't contact,  but have identified me as vulnerable and I've been given priority slots with them too now. 

    Check out the May chemo thread on the main Breast Cancer thread (much busier than this one) for support and hints. Take care,  and it will end sooner than you think! Five months seems a long time,  but it does go quite quickly.  Xxx

  • Thank you. I will definitely tell them to assess my treatment. I've been in pain with my stomach since Friday. 

    I will look into the priority slots, as I did get my letter. 

    Thank you for replying xox