Breast cancer for the under-50s

Breast cancer is far less common in the under-50s, but this can leave younger people with a diagnosis feeling isolated. This group is a place for them to come together, share experiences and support each other.

How is everyone? Just an update.

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things have been pretty good since my single mastectomy on the 22nd... No idea what other plans are though... Staples out Friday.. I have over 25. Hope everyone is ok. 

Jo x

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Hi ,

Great to hear from you, I’m not sure what happened to my ‘Groups’ on here, I joined this group in January but somehow it had disappeared from my list of groups so I’ve joined again lol.

Glad things are ok with you and I hope that all goes well for you on Friday. I didn’t realise staples were used. My stitches were on the inside, I can’t remember what the nurse told me was on the outside.

Im doing ok, seeing Breast Surgeon on Thursday, will update on Friday x

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Hi good to hear you're doing OK. I just had my preop assessment today, mri results were good so I'm having lumpectomy and sentinel nodes analysis done whilst in theatre next Wednesday.

Have been buying non wired bras today trying to get organised in between appointments. Trying to keep calm tooas anxiety is bubbling away... X

J x
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Hi Jo, hope you’re ok today. How was it getting the staples out?  I think I’m getting a mastectomy in a few weeks but have no idea what to expect :-(

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Hi Jo hope the staples came out with no problems. Hi I had a skin sparing mastectomy about 10 weeks ago now . It was actually fine, I had a temporary reconstruction , with the aim to a diep reconstruction when I’m ready, but to be honest I’m really happy with the result so I might just leave it as it is . I was out speed walking after a couple of weeks and running by about 6 weeks ,  I read on another post you’ve got 2 weeks to wait now which is complete torture! It really is the worst part of all this I think, but once you have your plan you will feel a lot better . Get yourself a heart shaped pillow from jensfriends. You can put it under your arm after the surgery , I used mine all the time , just sitting and in bed . Get some nice supportive bras, I got mine from m&s I bought the mastectomy bras but the best one I got was like a bra top with no cups and it was really comfy but put enough pressure on to reduce any swelling. Pj’s with button up front are a good idea. I didn’t have staples, mine was stitched inside and glued so nothing to be removed and it healed beautifully. You will have exercises to do which really help with the arm stiffness. I was in hospital over night but some people go home the same day. I’m trying to think of any more tips but to be honest it was no problem at all and I think In the grand scheme of things with treatments, for me it was the easy part. I’m just about to have my second chemo and that’s definitely harder . 
good luck with your appointment and treatments to come xxx

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Hi All, I saw my Breast Surgeon on Thursday and he was very happy with everything, said the skin was really good as I’d had radiotherapy after chemo and it can effect the skin and implant but he thinks mine is fine..Phew! 
I had a mammogram as it’s been a year since diagnosis so keeping fingers crossed for that. He said he will see me next summer.

I had skin sparing surgery last October then node clearance in Nov. All seems well.

Hope those of you going through this poop now are ok and all your appointments and results go ok.

If you want to know anything let me know as I was in your shoes this time last year.

Gentle hugs Tina x 

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ah  that’s great news , fingers and toes crossed all’s well with the mammogram xx

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Fantastic news! 

Love Netty xx