Breast cancer for the under-50s

Breast cancer is far less common in the under-50s, but this can leave younger people with a diagnosis feeling isolated. This group is a place for them to come together, share experiences and support each other.

New here.

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Hi everyone. I'm really struggling to find someone around the same age as me going through anything similar so I don't know why it's taken me so long to join one of these so here goes...

I'm 31 and was diagnosed on the 16th August with invasive ductal breast cancer. There's no history in my family and it's a triple negative cancer so I'm now being put forward for genetic testing to see if I'm the start of the mutated gene.

I'm currently on maternity leave after having my second baby back at the end of April and I was breastfeeding so had a very stressful month trying to get her on the bottle (that actually stressed me more then my diagnosis). I actually found the lump last year in July and was failed by 2 GP's from then until October - one during pregnancy - by not getting referred. The dimpling appeared around that lump in July of this year which is what caused me to go back.

I now have 3 lumps, 2 lymph node areas affected and the possibility of cancer related specks on my lung (so now I'm terrified I have secondary).

I'm having my third FEC treatment tomorrow and then 3 T treatments will follow, then it'll be on to a mastectomy and radiotherapy next year.

I'm struggling mentally especially the week post chemo plus the fear of having secondary breast cancer and I just need people to talk who can relate.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. X

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Welcome to the community. You will find lots of support here. 

I have a different cancer to you but can certainly relate to the mental struggle and the fear of re-occurence. These feelings are very common and difficult to deal with. These feelings can also be complicated by the side effects of treatment and medication as well as dealing with the challenges of having a new baby. 

You may find joining the emotional issues and breast cancer groups helpful.

Your medical professionals should be able to give you advice and guidance also. You could also contact Maggie's centre who are great at offering individual and group support. Have a look at their website to see if you have a local centre.

I hope this helps 

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Thanks for your response.  We do have a Maggie's and I'm booked in for the look good, feel better next month. Actually feel like I'm looking forward to that.

And yes I agree it's definitely alot at once.

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HI there, 

Sorry you are having a rough time mentally with it all.  I, like loads of others are too.   Something I did, that really helped me when I was feeling really scared, was to contact the Someone Like Me Breast Cancer Care help line.  They put you in touch with someone who has got the as close a profile to you as they can find, and you can have a really good chat on the phone.    If you google it, you can find the immediate link.  They were really quick to respond, and by the end of the day, I was talking to a lovely girl, who was my age and had been through the same sort of treatment/surgery.

One of the best bit of advice given to me,as been to try and take every day as it comes.  Don't let your brain rush ahead.  It is bloody hard to do, but it does help if you can.. 

Lots of love, keep talking.. And this is a really good place to ask for advice .(  I think there is a special link to triple negative breast cancer too. )

Lots of love. 

Sukki xxx

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Thank you so much, I'll look into it xxx

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Sorry i haven't responded to your post before. I was diagnosed with TNBC in July 2018,i was a little older than you at 47 and it was all very scary, but i want to reassure you that FEC-T chemotherapy worked really well, I also had surgery and radiotherapy. I am now cancer free.

Good Luck and i hope the side effects from the chemo are being kind to you xx

 It's gonna make us who we are, it's written in the scars  "The Script"

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Thank you so much for your response. Treatment seems to be having a positive reaction upon physical examination and I'll be having my mid way scans this week so hoping for something positive. 

Congratulations on getting through this. Xx

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Hi ,

I don’t have the same diagnosis as you as mine was ER pos and HER2 neg, but I would say definitely take it a day at a time. Everybody worries about mets or reoccurrence however just try to be as positive as you can be.

I always say, “Don’t let tomorrows rain, spoil today’s sunshine”, as much as all these things surrounding cancer can make us worry and think ‘what if’ worrying will just take away today’s joy.

Are you waiting for ct scan results to check the lung?

You are now half way through treatment, I can’t say Docetaxel (T) for me was easy as EC, just very tired, weak and lots of Aches and pains ( I’ve been told like a very bad flu) but others find Docetaxel easier than EC, it just depends.

Let us know how you are getting on.

Hugs T x

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I'm due a CT a week Monday which will let me know what my lung is doing. I've got an ultrasound tomorrow so at least I can what has shrunk and by how much.

How long did the second half side effects last each time with you?

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Hi ,

I would start on about day 5 to feel really tired and weak, aching etc and it would last 4/5 days, I haven’t had flu but my oncologist said it’s like a bad bout of flu, just no energy.

Some ppl don’t get many side effects.

Take care T x