Breast cancer for the under-50s

Breast cancer is far less common in the under-50s, but this can leave younger people with a diagnosis feeling isolated. This group is a place for them to come together, share experiences and support each other.

Counting the days till breast clinic appointment

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Hey everyone,

I have been referred to the breast clinic after seeing a dimple in my breast while changing for bed last week.

Dr was so good, agreed she could see the same and felt a thickening under it, referred me and I got a call from the hospital the next day. Booked for June 12th.

Im so grateful for being referred and hearing back so quickly but the wait is hard and staying away from Dr Google!! Which in all honesty I'm not being very sucessful!

I also found a second dimple yesterday.

Thankfully I have 3 boys to keep me occupied, 5 years old and 21 month old twins! Plus hubby has been great.

I am 38

Does anyone know if I'll have mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy? Or just mammogram?

Any experiences of the breast clinic, what to expect, anything I should do?

Thank you for reading, sending love and hugs to all waiting, diagnosed and fighting xxx

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Hello  Can i welcome to you to the community none of us want to be a member of but you'll soon see what an amazing place it is and how it will support you every step of the way.

First can i say try not to worry, easier said than done i know, but until you have a definite diagnosis try not to fret about something you may not even need to fret over. 

It's great that your doctor was so good and got you on the road to finding out whats what. But it doesn't automatically mean its cancer, my daughter found a lump last year and was sent to the breast clinic to be told it wasn't anything to worry about. 

From my experience i think you will probably have an ultrasound, possibly a mammogram (They aren't as bad as people make out, uncomfortable yes but not painful) and if they see anything of concern they may do a biopsy, (also painless believe it or not) but this still doesn't mean you have cancer. I had a biopsy on a second lump that was found after my initial diagnosis which turned out to be benign. So keep hope until they actually tell you the results. 

Don't do Google, i made the mistake of doing that and had myself dead and buried, when now i actually have been given the all clear. So instead of googling come and talk to us.

I will say that this group isn't very busy, so maybe try posting in the Breast cancer group more people will see your post and you will get a few more responses. Just because you're 38 doesn't mean you have to post in here. 

Take Care, Try to keep positive and come here to rant, scream, cry and on occasions we even have a laugh xx

ps. how lovely a toddler and twin boys, i'm a twin and always hoped i'd have them but i didn't. I bet they keep you on your toes xx

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Thank you I am already seeing what a lovely place this is for all of us. I am very grateful.

And thank you its comforting we get so well looked after at the breast clinic.

I am glad to hear your daughter was all clear.

I will as you say keep hope

Yep Dr Google is officially not my friend and has me pretty much planning my funeral! Telling myself no more google. Now I knoe this community is here i'll be here instead.

Thank you so much for the kind words, advice and support. I will use this as a place to come when I need it which I feel maybe a few times before 12th June!

Yes the 3 boys are my world and definitely keep me busy! No twins on our side so a complete surprise but a welcome miracle. We call ourselves Beautifil Chaos! Xx

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I also have an appointment at the breast clinic on the 12th. Last time I went it was all very quick and reassuring. I had a mammogram, then went to wait for a little, then I was called back in for an examination. The images were looked at there and then. It was all clear.

The mammogram itself wasn't bad at all. The scannographer (if that's what they're called) told me where to put my hands, what way to face my hips, lean in or lean out. It was over fairly quickly. 

Just for clarification, the lump being looked at on the 12th is not in the same side or place as the previous one.

I hope yours is all clear. Stressing about this will not change the outcome and the energy may be wasted as it may all be ok. 

I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you. Good luck TT xxx

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I'm sorry to hear you have an appointment on 12th too. It's reassuring to know we are really looked after and that the mammogram itself isn't that bad.

I hope yours is all clear too! We can wait together for the 12th to arrive. Its the waiting thats driving me crazy at the moment although I know this time next week i'll be wishing the appointment wasn't here!

And you are so right, stressing isn't going to change the outcome so I am staying clear of Dr Google and carrying on as normal for the boys.

Good luck to you, i'll have my fingers crossed for us both xxx

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Hi both,

I had a mammogram on May 24th and having not heard back from them had decided all was fine until yesterday when an appointment landed on my mat for next Tuesday, 11th.  

Over previous years I have had many mammograms and they are a tad inconvenient, but I don't find them either painful or embarrassing; nothing that could potentially save my life ever could be!

I have however had three sets of call backs prior to this one, three needle or punch biopsies and two eventual lumpectomies.  All of these turned out to be benign, however it never gets any easier whilst you are waiting.  In many ways it gets worse as I keep feeling I have dodged the 'odds' and next time I will be the 'one in four', rather than the 'three in four'.

Last time was the scariest as I was actually told that they thought it was a secondary to the ovarian tumour I was having removed.  It turned out it was not!

I can't wait to get next week out of the way and the results done.

Keep me informed and ask any questions that I may be able to help with x


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Hi Marthasperson,

I hope all goes well for you on the 11th, you've really had a run of it haven't you? The 'what ifs' are so hard to deal with and waiting is tough! 

I'm stressing a bit as I am 5 weeks post op from a full hysterectomy for ovarian cancer, I have my appointment with the oncologist for the treatment plan on the afternoon of the 12th. I know every case is different but reading that yours was not secondary gives me a bit of confidence as that has been my big worry. I'm hoping that, being in the same hospital, they will be able to communicate the information to each other quickly.

I agree that there is no embarrassment when it comes to life saving, I said in another post that I will flash my baps at anyone medical who cares to have an opinion on the lump. 

We will continue to count down together ladies, Tell us how you get on. fingers crossed and big supportive hugs. TT xxx

If the plan doesn't work, change the plan but never the goal!
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Big hugs to you both and

I am at the very beginning of my journey but so grateful to you both for sharing your experiences

I am totally comfortable to have all necessary examinations and tests to get the answers I need. I have even taken a pic of my indentation/dimple and am considering sharing on social media after my appointment regardless of the outcome simply to raise awareness of always looking at your breasts as well as examining them.

I for one had no idea a dimple/dent was a warning marker.

Means so much to count down with you both. Keep me updated and fingers and toes crossed for us all xxx

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Morning to you and hope you both had a good weekend.

Our appointments are so close now, I feel crazy uneasy today. Can't seem to sit still!

Wishing you all the best for yours tomorrow Marthasperson, i'll be thinking of you


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Dear both

I had a really lovely weekend looking at the house we are buying for measuring up and getting to know the area we are moving to.  Moving from Yorkshire to Northumberland so quite a big move, but a good one.  

If things go well tomorrow then I have that to look forward to.  If things are challenging then the move will give me something else to be thinking about.  It is only 20 minutes from my adult daughter and her fiancee, therefore I will have her nearby if needs be.  Whatever shall be, shall be.

I am concerned and am not going to lie about that, however I am just trying to focus on the upside that it is a bonus day off work!!

Much love and thoughts to you both.


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Morning Karen,

Awww wow!! Sounds lovely! And to be close to your daughter too.

And yes as a positive me and hubby are spending the day together Wednesday regardless and child free!! 

Nicola x

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Karen, the move sounds exciting, what a lovely distraction to have. I'm sure it will be great to live nearer to your daughter no matter what the outcome of tomorrow 's appointment. 

Sending lots of positive thoughts and all my best wishes for tomorrow. Let us know how it goes and please remember we're here for you whatever the results, good news or bad xxx

Nicola, I've been a bit of an ostrich, my head is well and truly in the sand, I think that having so much going on in my head has worn me out mentally. It's been a busy weekend and I haven't stopped today. I feel like the world is on hold until I know more. 

I suddenly have an image of morcomb and wise skipping away singing 'Bring me sunshine' maybe that will be us ladies skipping to our appointments! Lol

Positive thoughts ladies xxx 

If the plan doesn't work, change the plan but never the goal!
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Thinking of you today Karen

TT I have just got the twins down for their nap and I am now sat here thinking about this time tomorrow i'll hopefully have some answers. We have so much on at the moment too and yes do feel that the world is on hold!

Haha we love Morecombe and Wise, that has put a smile on my face lol

Positive thoughts and love to us all xxx

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Good Morning Hope all goes ok for you today, let us know how you get on.

Fingers crossed tight for you x

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Morning everyone

the day is finally here. My appointment is at 9:30am and then hubby is taking me to lunch. A very rare child free day!!

I'll be thinking of you, fingers crossed for us both xx