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Breast cancer is far less common in the under-50s, but this can leave younger people with a diagnosis feeling isolated. This group is a place for them to come together, share experiences and support each other.

6 months post chemo...

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Hi All,

I am 6 months post chemo & radiotherapy & have been on Tamoxifen since January. My periods have not yet returned, not sure if I am already post menopause? Does anyone know what go look out for, apart from stopped periods & hot flushes?



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Hiya  i've had chemo and about to start radiotherapy next week.

I haven't had a period since i started my chemo nearly 12 months ago, but i have had lots of hot flushes lol

I was told by my consultant at the start that i may go into early menopause.

Not many people post in this group so maybe try asking the same question in The Breast Cancer Group you may get a few more responses xx

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Hey  and welcome to the community. I'm so glad and happy that your treatment is all done and over with, although I'm sorry to hear about the symptoms you're having post chemotherapy/radiotherapy. 

My mum noticed the same thing had happened with her, and being under the age of the average woman starting the menopause (45), her oncologist just last week sent her for blood tests to check her hormone levels. She did this to see if she was beginning the menopause, but also to be able to put Mum on the correct type of Tamoxifen, as she will be starting that after she has completed radiotherapy, like yourself. It may be a good idea, and beneficial to you, to ask your oncologist or nurses you are still in touch with about these blood tests. 

In the meantime, you can always post in our 'Ask A Nurse' section, and find some helpful replies from our nurses. Also, heres a link to our Macmillan information, regarding menopausal symptoms after receiving treatment for breast cancer etc, which includes a video, a section about symptoms, how to manage the symptoms and also complementary treatments that may help you. 

Do let us know how you get on. I hope things get a little easier for you from now, as you've already been through so much. And we are always here for you, no matter what time, even if you want to vent or just open up about how you're feeling in a way that you may not feel comfortable doing so with family and friends, as sometimes you feel it may upset them. But keep strong like you have been, and keep smiling. 

Lots of love, hugs and healing, 

Alex xxxx

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