Breast cancer for the under-50s

Breast cancer is far less common in the under-50s, but this can leave younger people with a diagnosis feeling isolated. This group is a place for them to come together, share experiences and support each other.

feel lost

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hi all , ive already joined this group just wanted to write today has im feeling abit lost , its monday and i have to wait till friday to go back for results of my biopsys im so scared ....  with 4 lumps in my breast its not looking good im just hoping it hasnt spread , could anyone advise me if i left it couple of months before i went too see someone would ift of spread ?? she took biopsy from under my arm too ! i just dont no how to feel at minute one min im crying next im telling myself im strong and can do this ! i just cant hepl thinking the worse but surley i cant be near dying coz i feel great , i do get pain in my back so worrying it mite be there too ... im such a worrier ,, help 

thankyou Bev xx

B hope
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Sorry i've only just seen this , What you need to know is that we have all felt like you do. The thing with this is it takes us by surprise so we can't prepare ourselves for it. 

No one expects you to be strong all the time, it is ok to cry, it's understandable that you feel scared. If i read your original post right they haven't confirmed to you that it is breast cancer so you also have that to hold onto. A lady was on here a couple of weeks ago in the same position as you, she worried about it, understandably but when she went to get her results it wasn't cancer.

As for what a difference a few months would have made, who knows? you can look at it 2 ways, 

1) It was already there but its been found now.

2) It wasn't there, and it would have appeared after your check and might not have been found till your next one.

My lump was found after a mammogram and was 6cm, i don't know how long it had been there and i hadn't noticed it. But what you have to focus on is that they have been found and they will be treated in which ever way is best for you.

Just because you have 4 lumps doesn't mean they are all cancer, if any, after i'd had my first chemo i was called back because they had found another lump in the same boob, they put in a marker and took a biopsy. I worried for 3 weeks, when it came back it was benign so nothing to worry about. So whats to say thats not going to be the same for you. 

I had biopsies from under my arm but it hadn't spread to anywhere else in my body. 

As for the pain in your back thats another unfortunate thing that comes with this stupid thing. It makes you paranoid and every time you get an ache and pain you automatically think its something more sinister. 

You are strong and you will do this, even if you have days like today. Tomorrow is another day. Try to keep yourself busy,  and try to tell yourself that worrying isn't going to change anything, apart from make you more anxious. 

Thank you for coming to talk to us, keep talking to us, i'll keep my fingers crossed really tight for you xx

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