Breast cancer for the under-50s

Breast cancer is far less common in the under-50s, but this can leave younger people with a diagnosis feeling isolated. This group is a place for them to come together, share experiences and support each other.

Recent Diagnosis of Breast Cancer

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I was diagnosed with breast cancer of the left breast on 29th April 2019. I was told by the surgeon following mammogram, ultrasound and biopsys I have 2 areas , 1 is a DCIS, the other is grade 1 IDC (NST). She said the treatment would be a lumpectomy followed by radiotherapy. She also requested a MRI as she wanted to make sure there was no other areas of concern that hadn't shown up at this stage. I had the MRI this week and have had a call today to attend the clinic for another ultrasound and possible biopsy as the MRI has shown another area. After the initial shock following the diagnosis on 29th April I was starting to get positive and thinking this could be a lot worse. After this information today I am struggling not to be morbid at not think the worse. Has anyone else experienced the same? Would love to hear from you.


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Hi Rita

i experienced exactly the same as you with the mri. My consultant said they are so sensitive it is common that they pick up Further areas which often turn out to be nothing. I got a call the day after my mri to go in for further ultrasound and biopsy,  i actually had a breakdown at this point - i was so bad the consultant radiographer almost refused to do the biopsy for my own safety! one area of concern was too small to be picked up on ultrasound (1mm!) the other was 3mm and turned out to be a Fibroadenoma. 

I hope you get the same results - mine also grade 1 IDC so v happy to answer any questions you have. 


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Hi there

Sorry to find you here, but it's a great place for sharing experiences and getting advice , I read more than I post and that has helped a lot over the last year.

Same as you I had more scans and biopsies after MRI, went from likely lumpectomy and radio to mastectomy , it was the right op for me as pathology showed 4 tumours in total, this is not to say it'll be same senario for you the other area could still turn out to be noting to worry about for you,  but it's best to check and have all the info.

It's really tough waiting on these early results and hard to stay positive at times , but try and remember you haven't got all the facts yet and when you do you'll cope with whatever treatment you need . Today I've had my first mammogram, a year on, feeling good,  hope you'll feel a little reassured  as you get more replies, good luck with your scan, let us know how it goes 


Tilly xxx
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Hiya yep the same happened to me. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in my left boob and my lymph nodes, i had my first treatment of chemo than was called back to be told another area of concern had been seen on my MRI and i had another ultrasound and a biopsy.

Before i got my results i looked at it as, at least they found it at the start and could get rid of it all at once, instead of finding it later on. 

2 Weeks later i got a phone call to say it was benign and nothing to worry about. So try not to worry until you know you have something to worry about.

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