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Chemo mouth and out for the 1st time on my own since 1st Chemo

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Hi All, 

I had my 1st EC part of Fec-t chemo last Wednesday and luckily I’m feeling ok so far. No sickness just an awful taste in my mouth all the time.

After looking on here I have bought some sherbet lemons and some mints and will be drinking fizzy water as opposed to still.

I have felt a little fuzzy (not a medical term, I know) I can’t really describe it, it’s not dizzy or light headed just not right. Anyway I’m determined whilst I’m well I’m going for a walk every day, so set off on my own today all ok then after awhile I started to feel as if my legs were going to give way and I could pass out. I had a similar feeling when the nurse started to push my chemo drug, I told her I didn’t feel anxious or nervous and she just said, “You might not feel it mentally but the feeling has to come out somehow.” So stood by the side of the road I took a deep breath and repeated what the nurse had said and started walking again telling myself I’m in charge of my body not cancer or chemo. In no time my legs were fine and I felt alright again. Just wondering what other people have felt like when out alone, if anybody gets nervous or feels queasy. 

Wishing you all a good day x

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I experienced similar things. I likened the fuzzy feeling to a hangover! And for me, the only thing that got rid of the bad taste was imperial mints (I'm sure other mints are available!!!!)

I walked lots through my chemo - I found it healing for my soul. I did find that I tended to naturally walk really slowly without even thinking about it. I think that this must have been my bodies way of saying 'take it gently'! I also used to find that I would get light headed at times. Like you, I just stopped (or sat down if there happened to be a handy bench!) and used to repeat to myself 'I'm ok, I'm ok' until the feeling passed. People passing by must have thought that I was a right nutter!!!!! But it helped.

I think it is a case of mind over matter sometimes but please take it gently and listen to your body x

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First i want to say well done going out on your own, took me ages to go out on my own when i first started chemo, not sure if it was the thought of bumping into people and them knowing i had cancer or the fact that i got tired so quickly.

In a morning when i first got up i use to feel really dizzy and feel like i  had jelly legs, but after breakfast it soon passed. If i went out for a walk i soon felt tired, sometimes breathless and again jelly legs so didn't go far unless i was with someone. This only really seemed to happen during the first week though and the other 2 weeks i was fine.

 If its hurting right now, it's gonna make us who we are, it's written in the scars   "The Script"

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It was a bit like a hangover feeling. I guess this is going to be a big learning curve. I bought some lovely Sherbet Lemons although I have got some of those mints as they are my favourite. 

I live by the sea so love walking there as it’s close by. I was giving myself a good talking to as well haha.

Thank you for replying x x

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Thank you, I thought it would be best for me to get out on my own straight away. I guess it’s not knowing how well I’m going to feel after 2nd, 3rd Chemo etc, that I’m wanting to get out while I feel well enough.

Im encouraged to hear you only felt that way the first week or so, I’m hoping that is the case for me. I haven’t felt too tired until tonight after dinner and bath, I now feel I could just go the bed lol. 

Wishing you well x x

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I live by the sea too and walking along the beach is my favourite thing to do. There were some days during chemo that I couldn't manage it but most days I got out, even if it was just for 10 minutes. I found that it really helped my mood, if nothing else!

Good luck with it all x

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You sound like one strong lady.

I’m one week into my second cycle of FEC-T. There definitely seems to be a pattern emerging. A world class hangover for the first two days, then random jelly legs and fuzzy brain for three days, then almost (almost) back to 90% for the remainder. Took the dog for a walk and picked the children up from school today in an attempt at normality, but since dishing out spag bog I’ve been on my bottom watching TV. The rubbish cardio is having to catchup with my expectations! Having been pretty fit before I’m using this as an exercise in mental stamina and patience. 

I guess with each round the symptoms will gentle get worse but by then I think I’ll have got my head round it all. In the meantime, I’m going to grab opportunities as they arise and get out as much as possible. In fact, I’m just looking at booking a cheeky night away by the sea for next week.

Shaved my head on Sunday and forgot, was half way to the school when I remembered - luckily the children all thought it was hilarious and it hasn’t started snowing yet..! 

I guess we just need to pace ourselves and listen to our bodies without forgetting our souls.