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Breast cancer is far less common in the under-50s, but this can leave younger people with a diagnosis feeling isolated. This group is a place for them to come together, share experiences and support each other.

Can you get a doctors line from your consultant rather than GP

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I was diagnosed with breast cancer when my baby boy was 4 months out a month later I had surgery before it had even sunk in. I asked doctor if I would be able to lift my baby he made out to me and my husband that I would be in one night then basically I could swing from the rafters and kartwheel down the street. This made my husband who doesn’t understand what I’m going through think it was gonna he nothing no problem at all.. the doctor even said and I quote “you don’t need to start acting like you are ill” what annoyed me most about this is I had not once “acted” ill or complained I just wanted to know if I could look after my baby. I then saw the actual plastic surgery consultant nearer the surgery and he told me oh no you can’t lift your baby for several weeks etc. The complete opposite of the other doctor, of course my husband wasn’t there this time and I felt like even though I was just trying to prepare correctly for my good and my babies that I was exaggerating when I had never played on anything about my illness... so of course I had surgery and I had wound healing issues and numbness etc. Things you would expect but when trying to lift my baby I would hold him away from my chest to protect it and I ended up hurting my back so bad I could barely move never mind lift him and ended up on strong pain killers to try to help... while still struggling I started chemo I was told the first half would be the worst drugs and then I’d be relieved by the second half... but actually apart from some small side effects and the tast problem I was strong and positive, then I got the second half and everything went wrong I needed a PIC line, the bone pain was unbearable and then I got extreme eczema, de to this my drugs got changes to a similar but less toxic version but still half killed me. Through this I needed a line from my GP the nurses and consultant said I needed at least 6 months off because I was a microbiologist and would be at risk of infection. My GP couldn’t see me and took 10 days to phone me but when I explained what I wanted and why he made me feel so small and as if I was phoning about a cut on my finger. In the end he only agreed to give me 3 months to cover me being off work. Since then I have got even worse with all the side effect and I now have a breathing problem too, which I think is more the fact that I am stressed out to the max and so if my whole body, but I am just about looking after my baby but can’t really go out as I don’t think I’d get back up the hill without hyperventilating, and also I will soon be starting radiotherapy and have no idea how I am gonna get myself and my baby on 2 buses everyday to the hospital I don’t know if they can help get you there, I hate asking for help cos even though I have not been a poor soldier and fought on positively everytime I ask a genuine question I get treated like I’m being ridiculous like nothing is wrong with me and as though I’m playing on it... I now need more time off of work but I actually can’t ask my GP he is the lowest point in my who cancer experience he made me feel so bad the last time that I came off the phone so angry I cried. I know people who have had more time off for very little and I actually had something as scary as cancer and was spoken to like I was at it despite hospital records etc. So my real question is can the hopsital consultant give you a line rather than the GP because I really don’t think I can go through the trauma of how he made me feel again. He turned my positive attitude and fighting plan into negativity and it’s actuallu stressing me out more than anything right now. I’m sorry most of this sounds so negative itself but I swear apart for the doctors Attitudes and comments I never complained and fought all symptoms/ side effects quietly and as best I could I just need more time to recover from Chemo and get through radiotherapy and Ill beat this. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated 

thanks C00kie01

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Wow, it sounds like you've been through the mill.  Your GP sounds very unsympathetic, my advice would be to go to a different one if you can? When I was first diagnosed my lovely GP told me I'd need at least a year off work. She wrote me a sicknote there and then which might have been 3m (perhaps 3 months is the longest they can do in one go?) but she told me just to call when that ran out and I wouldn't need to see her again to get another note. The treatment for BC is no walk in the park and she was right, I needed the full 12 months.

In terms of radiotherapy, the hospital should provide transport if you're struggling, and with a baby and everything you've been through you need to take everything that's offered. Have you a breast care nurse you can talk to about support? They are usually pretty good at signposting, which is part of their role.

All the best for this next phase of treatment, you've done the hard bits but it sounds like you need some time and some help to recover x

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Oh my goodness, that GP needs a kick up the bum. I have also experienced doctors like this but thankfully they are few and far between.

Personally I would see a different GP (If your surgery has more than one)! If not register elsewhere. You need to be supported by a GP who is not judgy like this when you need them.

Defo speak to your BCN  're transport.  Some hospitals run a volunteer drivers transport service. They will have come across this before and I am sure they can help you. Getting on 2 buses with a baby in tow is bit fun even when you are 100%

There was more I wanted to write but am tired and poor old brain not up to scratch at the moment. Sorry

Ps. Not many people seem to post on the under 50s BC so I now post on the main BC page instead , just in case you you need support or advice etc in future and don't get as many responses 

I wish you all the very best xxx

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Ditch that GP you don’t need that crap!!

See another GP  or change practice, you’re paying taxes so see someone who is there for you.

Breast Care Nurse: they can provide lots of information in terms of chemo, Radiotherapy etc. 

See your breast Care Nurse, if you don’t have one ask for one, they can support you post treatment too. 

Maybe find out if your hospital/ Oncology centre offers complementary therapy eg Reflexology, massage acupuncture, Reiki etc. Also see if there is a Macmillan Counsellor attached to the hospital Oncology Centre. 

Find out if there are meet ups of people going through treatment in your area ? This link might be useful 

Remember to let others help you. Get enough sleep and don’t take crap from anyone.

Love Judith xxx

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Also insist on hospital Transport, you have cancer that’s reason enough. 

Regarding Chemotherapy ask about Picc Line and Portocath see if Hospital/ Oncology Centre provides portocath?

Research both and see which might suit you better. These will be done at your hospital or Oncology Centre not the GPs surgery.  If you have any doubts about Drs Nurses etc ask to see another one, 

I had 2 Breast Care Nurses who were not a fit for me, the first asked me how I would tell my work colleagues when I was in profound shock. It was like speaking to some head teacher. The second worked part time and did “ not read work emails”!  The third was excellent and really supportive. 

Judith xxx