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Tamoxifen / Anaemia

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I've been on Tamoxifen for almost 6 months after mastectomy for stage 2 lobular breast cancer. Not much in the way of side effects but have recently had very heavy periods and was feeling very unwell. GP diagnosed anaemia and I am now on iron along with drugs for the heavy periods, although I have to say as yet, there is no change. Some days I am completley fatigued can bearly drag myself out of bed, breathless and lack of energy, especially about 4/5 days after my period. This time last year I was running half marathons, I am finding this quite hard.

Has anyone else suffered heavy periods or anaemia?

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    Hi Lulu,

    You might want to post this in the main breast cancer group where there are a lot more people and you will get some replies... this group seems to be rather quiet at the moment and you will get more support over there

    Hope you get the anaemia sorted soon. i have had it and know how hard it can be with the fatigue.

    Floradix is a natural plant tonic from health food stores and a very helpful source of iron and doesn't upset your stomach like the pills can. I take it regularly and it does help. Drinking tea straight after a meal inhibits your iron absorbtion too so wait 20 mins after dinner before having a cuppa. Do mention it at your next check up too as they may be able to do something bout it

    Little My x