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Her 2 Positive Ductal Breast Cancer Hormone Sensitive

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Helloooo there x This is what iv been told i have this week!!! i have a piece a paper with these words like i know what the hell the mean!!! i know i need a op and chemo and radio but would really LOVE to speak to somebody other then a doctor who can help me make sence of what this "her 2" means...... been looking it up online and now i think iam dying :( it has spread to Lymth glands :( why didnt they tell me at hospital that this her2 was the one that spreads fast :( any Info will be welcome x Sonia x

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  • Nickyd1
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    Hi Sophie, first of all I don't think that your cancer being her2+ means that you are going to die. It means that your cancer was fed by protein. Mine is Er+ and pr+ meaning that it was fed by hormones. You will probably be offered herceptin alongside other treatments. Please stop googling and have a look at the breast cancer information on Macmillan or Breast Cancer Care site. And it may help to give an advisor a call, let them explain it in easy to under stand terms, that will hopefully put your mind at ease. I have spoken to a macmillan worker and a breast cancer carer worker, both were lovely and helped to talk things through with me. Also If you are a Facebook user then there is a very good support group, just search for Younger breast cancer network (UK) secret group and send them a message asking to join. There are over 200 younger women there chatting about everything related to BC and their lives. I love it! Good luck with your search for help, you are certainly not alone in being her2+
  • fizzypetal
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    Howdy Sonia...

    I am a survivor and also currently in treatment for Her2 positive breast cancer.  I was originally diagnosed in 2008 at 42 years old with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma (IDC) and Ductal Carcinoma in Situ (DCIS) which was Her2 and had luke warm hormone receptors which had spread to my lymph nodes.  I've had 3 recurrences of a similar sort since; thankfully it has not spread to parts I need for survival.

    The Internet is full of misinformation which can be very misleading and scary for the newly diagnosed.  I try when looking for info to stick with websites that have been recommended to me by my doctors.  I also recommend the following:  

    1. Don't be shy about asking questions.  Before your next appointment, write down your questions and bring them in to the doctor.  Don't let him/her leave the room until you've had your questions answered.

    2. Speak with your Breast Care Nurse - if you don't have one, ask for one.

    3. If the above fail for whatever reason, telephone Macmillan.  I have found Macmillan an invaluable resource when I have questions about treatment, medical terminology or when I've needed a sanity check.  

    4. Try to stay focused on what can be done to get belief is that every time it comes back I can get rid of it.  So far that has turned out to be the case each and every time.

    5. Adopt a motto...might sound hippyfreakish but it works for me...mine is 'feel the fear and do it anyway'.  Helps when I have to drag myself in for chemo or surgery...

    Hope this helps!

  • Shell46
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    Hello Sonia

    I wont tell you not to worry because you will, thats how cancer makes you feel. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Focus on each day as it comes listen to your body if you need a rest take it.

    I was diagnosed with grade 2 ductal also her2 positive no movement to lymph nodes. I had lump removed then chemo and radium at same time and then moved onto herceptin. My treatment finished Oct 12 and I'm now on Tomoxifen for five years and twice yearly check ups. I feel much better now the treatment has finished although I have a way togo to get my strength back.

    I read everything on the Her2 and yes it was scarry, however my professor explained that it is a protein that is only active in cancer cells. So no cancer cells no her2. The herceptin locks onto any cancer cells and gives a signal to you body to kill it. Herceptin was discovered and certified for use in 1996 and since it's use the mortality rates for this type of breast cancer has vastly increased.

    You said your lymphnodes were clear which is excellent the treatment can be tough but if you stay positive and work through the side effects you will be ok. I found that if I ate healthy and every 4 hours I avoided being sick even just a cereal bar helped andwhen your taste buds go still eat to keep your strength up. Everyone is different and reacts to the treatment differently even though I was very healthy and active before treatment halfway through it hit me when I got a cold.

    I used the macmillan site a lot and got help when I needed, talk to other people at your treatment centre they know exactly what you think and feel and you can share tips to get through the treatment. Ask your doctor and nurses for help and advice remember it's what they do no question is irrelevent.

    Best wishes on this journey if you need any help or info just ask. Love and hugs Michelle x


  • sonia1tam
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    thank you for the info x x x    i had to edit my post as it has spread to my Lymph Glands!!       thank you for the replys...... i dont feel so alone anymore x x x