Diagnosed with DCIS 32 years old. Looking for advice

Hi, I have just joined. I don’t really know what to say or what I am looking for in a response. I’m 32, happily married with an almost 2 year old. I have just been diagnosed with DCIS breast cancer. Waiting on lymph node biopsy results and a plan of action. Feeling very lost and terrified if I’m honest. Really really scared. Any advice would be so welcome thank you. 

  • Good luck for your scan tomorrow Mamajd xx

  • Thank you. Time is flying by which is good. Will hopefully be the 5th before we know it. Good luck for your appointment with the oncologist. I hope you get all the answers you are after xx 

  • Hey how are you feeling? 

    I had some great news today, chemo is working, scan showed significant changes so it makes all the shitty times worth it. Xx

  • Feeling really good thank you. Pretty much back to normal again. Still a bit stiff etc but that’s to be expected. Taking it easy still with lifting but feeling fine. Emotionally had a bit of a bad day yesterday if I’m honest, just anxious about the results from the op but today was better. Ohhhhh amazing! I’m so happy it’s working and significantly! Definitely makes it all worth it. Really pleased for you xx 

  • Hi Mamajd, just checking in to see how you are and tell you my news. How are you getting on? I had my results today from my surgery, it was supposed to be last Monday but they weren’t ready. I can’t quite believe it but I’ve been given the all clear. The cancer was fully removed with the mastectomy and I don’t need any further treatment! I will be having the second mastectomy later in the year as a preventative measure. I feel so strange but feel like the luckiest person ever. I hope you’re doing okay. Sending you lots of hugs xxx

  • Just checking in on everyone on here? How are you all doing? X