Hair loss

12 days post first chemo cycle of EC and hair falling out already so so sad . Did not expect it this quick . 

  • Hi Neevy35, its all a bit of a shock. We know its going to happen, we read about it, were told about it,but when it happens OMG whats happening. I think there is one thing i have learnt  about being on this site we are all shocked when it actually falls out, because thats what it does falls out in clumps and there is nothing we can do about it. Everybody handles it differently i went to the hairdressers and had it cut really short, other shave it all of straight away.Once you get used to it which you will there are some great wigs available and Amazon do a lovely range of chemo scarves, or just go bald whatever floats your boat haha. I got through it by thinking the chemo must be working if my hair is falling out so i put a positive spin on it, and don,t forget it grows back, wishing you all the very best x

  • Thank you such a shock more for my children. I am booked into today to have it shaved as I did cut it so short beforehand but not it’s coming out hands and it’s sore . Thank you so much x

  • Neevy35, you are welcome we all look out for each other here keep safe x

  • Hi i am sorry that it has fallen out quickly for you, it is extremely difficult and very upsetting when it does first start coming out i felt exactly the same.