Reconstruction vs going flat???

Hi. The time has come for me to make decisions to ether have reconstruction or to go flat. I had mastectomy one one side after my diagnosis. Since then I was sure I want to go flat but today I had appointment with surgeon and now I am not sure what to do. Anyone had experience with reconstruction or going flat completely ? How was your experience?

  • Hi

    Sorry to hear that you have had to have a mastectomy.  I can't personally offer any advice as I had a lumpectomy. 

    However, having popped onto your post, it will bump it back to the first page as you haven't had a reply and maybe no-one was around when you first posted.  Hopefully there's one or two ladies around now who can give you their experiences.

    Best wishes, Lesley

  • Hello, i had right side masectomy  9 years ago as my son was so young decided not to have reconstruction,wanted a quick recovery. Last week had right side masectomy as cancer found in there..again no reconstruction for various reasons. My consultant said it is possible to have reconstruction at a later date. I'm not finding being flat a problem I suppose I'm relieved more than anything. What did you decide to do? X

  • Thank you for your reply. Sorry I didn't get did you had both side removed now? Sorry to hear that cancer is back for you that must me really tough.

    I am still waiting for the second appointment with surgeon so I still have time to think about it. I wanted to go flat straight after my diagnosis but the doctor wasn't keen on it. I read a lot about reconstruction and all sounds like to much for me all the unknown and uncertain things that can't be guaranteed.The worst thing for me is the vision that you stuck with the thing they will do. What if I won't like the new breast or if they will give me pain or discomfort etc? With mastectomy on the other side at least I know what to expect and how it will look like more or less. I am not bother about having breast but the surgeon seems to disagree with me.

  • Flat both sides now.  this recent diagnosis was tough..however at least I know what to expect treatment wise. The 2nd masectomy was 10 days ago and I feel fine didn't have any real pain, the drain was annoying but only had that a few days. Have even been able to drive. 

    As I haven't had Reconstruction I'm not sure what is involved. I do understand your concerns. As with anything in life trust your instincts, your body and you can always go for a Reconstruction at a later date..

    Let me know how you get on.

  • I was in as big a quandary as you, as also offered DIEP re-construction. I have to say, I'm a young at heart old person of 65, but although I felt I could cope with it OK, I just wasn't keen on the look of being flat. I opted for an implant after mastectomy on one side - all good but I did get a haematoma (a small bleed) and had to have the whole thing done again. This was unfortunate and a risk factor that not many people get. A blood vessel somewhere leaked at some point - never discovered when or how. I feel the implant is part of me and I easily fit into bras. I don't accept the old argument that an implant is a foreign body - people have knee and hip replacements all the time. I just wanted the cancer gone (it was everywhere in that breast) and to look nice afterwards, not have difficulty wearing clothes etc. Thought long and hard about it all. I'm pretty pleased with what the Surgeon did for me.

  • I have not had my treatment yet but would love to hear more about people’s experiences of reconstruction. At 45 and liking my body for the first time in my life I’m thinking this may be something I want to do

  • Hi Fru

    I had a bilateral mastectomy with immediate reconstruction.  Implants were the only option due to Covid. I have to say my surgeon did a fantastic job. I had discussions with both a breast care nurse and the surgeon beforehand.  I was shown various pictures of what could go wrong but also photos of  good reconstruction so I was fully prepared. I don't have much feeling in my breasts but I was warned about this.  Some feeling may come back. Overall, U have had good experience of reconstruction so far.

    Take care x