Just diagnosed at 39 - any advice greatly welcome!

Hello everyone 

I am a 39 years old mum of a 3,5 year old and an 11 month old. I found a tiny lump a few weeks ago and immediately told my GP. Turned out to be cancer with a tiny amount in my underarm lymph too. I am not triple negative and am estrogen positive so I’m now looking at chemo, surgery, radiotherapy and several years of hormone therapy. 
has anyone been through or is going through a similar experience? 
thanks so much 

  • I think this is such a natural thing to worry about and I bet every person who has been through a cancer diagnosis has this in the back of their mind - I also do and I have spoken with my nurses about this. 
    Am I right in thinking your cells are hormone receptive? If so I understand the tamoxifen or equivalent that we will be on for a long time is very effective and you will be monitored very closely for a long time. When you have your mammogram check ups they can see things before they even become an issue so things can be dealt with very early. 
    you must talk to your oncologist/nurses about this worry, they will be able to talk things through and I hope this eases your mind a little xx

  • You are wright, I just need to talk to them on wed. I know that all the check ups are for that situation to monitor my body and act when necessary. My "monkey mind" likes to play up and then I start that thinking spiral. Thank you again for your reassuring words. Sending a lot of positive thoughts and energy Kissing heart

  • Hi Aga 

    how are you? I hope today went ok as it could have done with your appt, I hope they answered all your questions. I had my appt yesterday and asked probabley the same questions as you x

  • Hi. It went well. Very pleased with how I m coping with chemo, not many side effects so far. It wasn't my regular consultant today so I decided to ask my questions after 3rd cycle and imaging (which will happen in two weeks time). We will know if chemo is working and then I will clarify my worries. I hope you are doing ok girl. Relaxed xx️

  • Oh that’s good - I have my ultrasound in about 2 weeks to see my progress. I had chemo yesterday but I feel just about ok, I actually find the steroids make me feel worse I hate them. I take dexamethadone for a few days afterwards and they just make me feel so spaced out. 
    let me know how you get on xx

  • We should have imaging done roughly the same time. Fingers crossed everything going in good direction. I actually don't mind steroids apart from rubbish nights for few days ( my kitchen is spotless, a lot of energy on dexa). It is the day 3 and 4 when I can't focus on anything but meditation does the trick. I will let you know when my ultrasound is done and pls keep me posted how things with you! Xx

  • The not being able to sleep is terrible! I am a bit of an insomniac at the best of times anyway! I am a terrible sleeper! 
    I keep meaning to get into meditation as that will really help I think. I’m also going to have some acupuncture once all the treatment is over to help with relaxation and general stress x

  • I agree. Not sleeping is horrible. I swear by mediation. U can sign up for two weeks for free with headspace also calm app is good or just go on YouTube, there is lots. I m considering acupuncture if I get neuropathy. Luckily my friend is trained so I might ask her if I need to. X

  • Is that when your fingers and feet may hurt a little? I have been told that may happen on my next chemo Taxol - it’s scheduled for 12 weeks but I can stop at 9 weeks if it gets too much x

  • Yes that is the one. There are some exercises on YouTube you can do but generally being active helps to avoid or reduce neuropathy which should improve with time. Also I know some hospitals provide cold socks and gloves to avoid getting it, a bit like cold cap. X