Chemo: Cold Cap

Hi all,

Im looking to get some advice on using the cold caps if possible.

Ive just finished my second chemo treatment using this for the full 30 mins before, during and 90 mins after however my hair loss has still been quite significant. Ive got bald patches especially on the top of my head and it is coming out in clumps even just combing it with a wide tooth comb. 

Just wondering if i should cut my hair shorter (i have medium shoulder length hair) or if it this matters at all. I've been looking at getting the integrated hair system rather than a wig post chemo and once hairdressers are open again. It's basically a headpiece that hides the bald spots you have or a full wig if i need it that doesn't come off at night. You can shower and swim etc and only need to go back every 6 weeks to get it tightened like a normal hairdresser. 

Just with the discomfort of the cold cap I'm wondering when to give up on it as i will definitely need some kind of wig and I'm only 2 out of 6 sessions in. 

Any advice anyone has would be greatly appreciated. 

Hope everyone is staying safe during all of this xx

  • Hi, 

     I had x4 chemo starting 31st October and last one 3rd Jan. I had a lot of hair below my shoulders. Never got any bald spots but after 3rd chemo hair really thin and by the end 4th really thin so wore my wig out and about.

    My hair is now growing back but I’m 46 so it’s very grey and short hopefully you being so young will be a lovely colour. I just kept using the scalp cooling even though I probably lost about 80% of hair it meant my hair grew in quicker.

    Good luck and take care xxx

  • Hi there

    Bless you, I understand the discomfort of the cold cap very well! However, I stuck with it through all 6 sessions. I used Daniel Field products alongside the cold cap and continued using them well after chemo. I started losing hair also after chemo no.2 which is usually the norm unfortunately. Make sure that cold cap is on correctly. My nurses were fabulous but once I had had a look at the manufacturers guide to wearing the cold cap, I had to readjust the positioning for the rest of the chemos. 

    Now I can’t say for certain if it was the products and the cold cap adjustment together that did this, and maybe a bit of luck, but, after chemo no.4, I hadn’t lost another single hair AND by the end of chemo, my hair had already started to grow back.

    The odds are stacked against us with the drugs we take for BC and nothing prepares you for the shocking loss of hair. It’s devastating and I was prepared to do pretty much anything to save my hair. I had  very long blonde curls when diagnosed but chopped them all off a few weeks before chemo. I had a pixie crop wig which was cut by a hairdresser with a great amount of wig cutting experience. Not a single person knew it was a wig because it was cut to match my existing hairstyle. Ring around and find a hairdresser that can do the same for you. It was essential to my wellbeing!

    It’s another very personal choice you have to make. I was told by a fellow patient to accept the hair loss, be bald and proud, because that was what she had decided to do. NOT FOR ME! Do not allow yourself to be judged by others. Do what makes you happy. You have our full support and love! 

    I hope some of this has helped. Thinking of you xxx Jo xx

  • Hi there!

    I had 4 cycles of EC last year, followed by 12 of paclitaxel. I tried the cold cap at Cycle 1, but a few days before C2 my hair started coming out in handfulls. It was so bad that I decided to cut the lot off and then shaved it. I just couldn't see myself struggling with it for months and months.

    It was a scary thought at first, but honestly it was very liberating and I never regretted it. I bought some great wigs and had lots of fun with it. There are such cute wigs out there now that no one would ever guess it isn't real. 

    I finished my last chemo at the beginning of March. My hair has grown back very well and although it is still very short I have a full head of hair! What a fantastic thing the human body is! I am so hooked on the zero maintenance of the super short hair that I am keeping it like this for a while. 

    Do what feels right and will be easy for you to manage. Whatever you can do to simplify your routine will help. But also, try not to stress too much about it. The hair will grow back. It is really such a relatively short amount of time to put up without it!

    Sending you lots of hugs and well wishes!


  • Hi , how are you getting on? I was diagnosed in march 2018 at 34..I had bold patches and really thin hair using the cold cap but I stuck to it and know have really thick long hair back.

    If you want a chat inbox me and I'll help if I can. Dont go on this much anymore but saw your post and wanted to reach out.

    Aimee xx

  • Hi Gail,

    Thanks so much for your recommendation, I've found it very helpful and like yourself everyone is of the same opinion to keep using the cap for the regrowth, even if your hair loss is significant. 

    I hope you're doing well and staying safe throughout all of this. 


  • Hi Jo,

    Thanks for all the advice. I'm going to stick with it and get a wig for when it gets too bad to cover with the powder I've been using to mask the bald spots. 

    I hope you're doing well xx

  • Good for you lovely. Let us know how you get on? Thinking of you xxx

  • Hi cgriffen,

    Glad you’re getting on ok. I’m due my second FEC chemo today which is my 47th birthday. My hair was getting thick but very grey. After cycle 1 day 18 hair shedding a lot. Got x2 more to go so hopefully will just thin out. Will carry on with cold cap. 

    Take care xxx