A beautiful day to set Ric free

Well my choosen date has finally arrived to set Ric free. It is a beautiful summer's day and he loved these sort of days. Back to the army where he started on this day in 1975 and lived there even before then.

So off to Dorset in an hour on his final day trip. Part of me is glad to.set him free in a place he loved and part of me wants to keep him in the summerhouse because he is still there. I know that is not right for Ric though. And he is here, both in a few ashes in the garden and in our memories and my heart.

It feels strange to be so final though. 

He told me to live my life and move on. I don't want to meet anyone else, twice widowed is enough but I do want to move forward and start changing things. So deep breath and brave the day I guess. Feels weird.

Hope everyone has a good day. Xxx

  • AKELA,

    My heart  goes out to you and  I  am  sorry  for your loss, I met  someone in the  PET scan  at  Taunton and  her  husband  was  at  his  wits end with throat cancer he was a  PE instructor in the  Army. Cancer does not care for anyone at least as you say you can set your husband free.

    I wish you well for your moving on.


    A R H.
  • Sending you brave hugs xx

    Tomorrow is another day
  • Will be thinking of you  Akela. 
    I hope that you get some comfort from setting Ric free, knowing his wishes & what he would want so well. It feels to me like a final act of love 

    sending love & hugs to you today xxx

  • Sending love & virtual hugs. Xx

  • Sending you love and hugs Alison, you have waited a long time for this day. It won't be easy. Thinking of you. Ali x

  • Will be thinking if you .Dorset is so beautiful I was born there my family are from there and married Billy there too. You have such a lovely spirit both your husbands were lucky to have you.You deserve every happiness going forward .Big hugs x

    Granny Sue

  • Ric is in your heart and will be forever.  Peter x

  • Thank you everyone.

    It was a hard thing to do and I had a few tears whilst we were watching the tanks on the practice runs. The last time we went, no one was out so it was like they turned up for him, I drove around the village Barack's a bit with him, a last final tour and chat. 

    I then scattered him around a challenger 1. He just loved his tanks. He is back to his army and part of where he grew up. I scattered his bit of his mum and dad so they are all together. I have saved a few ashes because I am.undecided on jewellery.

    I got stopped a guard near the tank but he was more than happy to let me carry on and checked I was ok because I went alone. My turn to say a proper goodbye. I know he will be happy there, he is not too far away and I feel.i have let him go free, which was him. 

    All in all, it was a good day xxx

  • HuggingHuggingHuggingDovex

    Tomorrow is another day
  • Tough day but in some respects a good one, now you can know you did your bit for him and he is where he will be with friends..

    "Sometimes life is hideous, other times it's worse!"