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Singles V Couples

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As most of you know, I am in Italy, however, I don't have a family network here or 'real' long term friends like I did back in the UK. So maybe 90% of my time is spent solo. 

I have some great people in the UK who keep in contact via messages etc and I value this greatly. These friends may never know how much it means to me that they give freely of their time for my sake..

But one thing occurred to me Saturday: I took some stuff to the dog home and then went to the local town for a mooch about. There was a market on and I was wandering about people watching.

Most people were in couples, then it occurred to me that at some point in the future one of those in that couple would likely end up in the same boat as me, it's made me see my own situation differently as nothing we have is forever and in some ways our situation isn't so unique after all and of course how many other people, solitary people like me were just staying in.

So our "terrible" has happened but the other people are still on the conveyor for their "terrible"..and on that cheery note I wish you all a good whats left of the weekend!

"Sometimes life is hideous, other times it's worse!"

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They message you because they care and you are as much their friend as they are yours

Cry because it's over but smile because it happened