Returning to work - any thoughts

So I had the call and am going back to work next week.

I've been off for 3 months now and am in a laid back space, I get up early to walk the dogs and then do whatever jobs on my to do list. After that my time is my own.

So my question - 

how do I motivate myself to work at home when the temptations to sit in the garden, listening to music whilst messaging a friend or reading a new book that was recommended and I can't put down are so much greater than the call of my laptop and the concentration needed to work without getting distracted? 

  • Oh that is a difficult one. I went back after 7 weeks but I work for Tesco so had to physically leave the house!

    It did me good too, other people to chat to and distracted by work in a good way, made me feel normal for a few hours a day.

    I think you're going to have to designate a space at home just for working (if you haven't got an office) I know a lot of my friends are working from home and have had to adapt bedrooms, halls etc. Into workspaces so they don't get distracted by other things.

    Good luck and I hope it goes well. I do think it does us good to get a bit of 'normal' back in our lives.

    Ali x

  • Hi lizzy 

    Ali is right going to work is a distraction keeps you busy and you talk to people gives you a bit of normal life back and you have to put a happy face on sometimes 

    i hate coming home from work to a empty flat then don’t want to do anything but go for it

    take care 

    Martin x

  • You are right Ali I  need to designate a work zone and hide my phone!

  • HiLIzzy

    Obviously working from home myself (lesson prep, classes, writing (must finish one of my books!) as Ali said find a distraction free place and create work there, but also I would suggest trying to keep it to regular hours which will be the most difficult bit as it's so easy to 'do it later'

    Set the plan and try to stick to it,but like everything, creating the plan is the easy bit!

  • Thank you! I've always been good at organising and planning  but like you say its sticking to it that will be the issue.

  • So you're halfway there! I think my time management bucket is full of holes!

  • Hi Lizzy-K

    stick to a start and finish time, designate a work area.

    but working from home is a bit more relaxed, having background music on helps concentration.

    and .... perks.... I’m sure it will be fine if you take tour laptop in garden when weather is good.


    Good luck, once week one is over, you will find it gets easier.

    Much love


  • Thank you Karen - you are right it's the initial walking through the door tomorrow to pick everything up.

    Once I'm back here I will be fine. I've got a proper work space now, and got a proper chair coming spent the first part of the year trying to work from home whilst caring for Sam working sat the floor & coffee table most of the time, not ideal at all!

    Just have to be self disciplined and hide the mobile phone which has become my lifeline!


  • Morning Lizzy,

    Hope it went ok this morning at work and you didn't get too many 'sympathy stares'....they are the worse!

    Have a good day when you're back home. You've done it now, next time will be a little easier.

    Take care. Ali x

  • Hi Lizzy

    Hope today went (is going) well and you can get into a routine as soon as. Fingers crossed it went OK!