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Funny old world

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Hi all

It is father's Day today! I am so fortunate to have my dad and I am off to see him soon. Between my son and my dad, I have held it together well. I have missed him during lockdown and I will have a hug today! 

It struck me as so strange that I have my dad at 53! But my children have lost both their dad and stepdad at 20 and 16!!! They are fantastic but I wish I could give them one more day with both!!! There are lots of milestones coming up! Paul is 21 on Thursday, Hannah should be having her prom and leaving school, Paul hoping for promotion, Hannah applying for her driving license and starting college .... 

I found this little quote this week. How true!!! I thought I would share it! 

You can throw a handful of glitter into the air, but when you try to clean it up, you'll never get it all. Even long after the event, you will still find glitter tucked into corners, it will always be there – somewhere."

Love and hugs Alison xxx

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Hi Alison,

Totally get where you're coming from. My kids (18 and 22) have had to send cards to both their Grandads who are 89 and 90 but their 56 year old dad is gone.....it is truly heartbreaking.

Don't get me wrong I am truly thankful that I still have my Dad, don't know what I would do without him , although I haven't seen him since Mark's funeral in December. I miss him so much and really hoping I'll be able to see him next month as lockdown eases in Wales.

Kids have been so strong today. My son works on Sunday and insisted on going so me and my daughter grabbed a takeaway coffee and went for a walk round local garden centre. We've just had a takeaway of their choice and watched a movie.....rare bit of family time! Son couldn't wait to go and watch football in his room!

I bought them both a St. Christopher with a personalised message on the back and they seemed pleased with them, especially my son, who put it straight on which surprised me.

Another 'first' ticked off. They both have birthdays next month.

Ali x