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pain and celebration - holding both and a box of tissues

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My partners birthday today and I was clear it was about celebration and today I have done  remembering and honouring. I have done deflection,  distraction, diversion, celebration** and then found this poem and am blubbing like a baby.  I am not usually big on poetry, dont really know it, but this hit a spot that I think I needed.. 


** test driving a Moto Guzzi V7 Stone for motorcyclists here. 

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You have got through the day. Well done.

I celebrated my husband's birthday and strangely found it easier than mine. 

Take care 

Love and hugs Alison xxx

Granny Sue
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That poem says it all I could almost hear my Bill  saying the words.Bless you. You got through the day and gave me some comfort too Thank you take care lots of hugs x

Granny Sue

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Someone else recommended this poem a while back. It's a lovely poem and parts made me cry then also smile too! the phrase that says 'you have been so faithful so trusting and so true, though there were times you did some things you knew you should not do' brought a smile to my lips, Colin was my Jimminy Cricket/ conscience - if I had another glass of wine he'd catch me then give me a 'look' Cheers Honey xx lol!!!

You've made it through the day, celebrate with something nice or keep buzzing after your motor bike ride 


Tomorrow is another day