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Please be kinder to yourselves

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Dear all,

So many different threads on eating, not eating, self care and coping, or not. Please be more understanding towards yourselves. You've been through horrendous times, trauma and difficulties. Being in a fog, forgetting things, finding jobs you didn't previously do hard, will be normal and will happen. 

Mentally and physically you have been pushed to the limit. Time wise whether long or short it's devastating (if short no time to adjust) 

Even today 20 months on sorting technology brought me to tears. (Definitely not my department!. Thankfully a very kind and understanding call centre gentleman helped me out step by step)

I picked up pieces and tried to put myself into some sort of combination not the same never can be, life's so different. 

Be gentle on yourselves rest, eat, and allow yourselves time if you can and circumstances allow. Talk and share as much as you can. 

Much love to all xxx