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Start of another week

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Here we go again, same old thing get threw the day.

I am annoyed with myself, hubby loved his shed, and i was not allowed in it, mind you i did not want to go in there, not my department.

I have been in there once since he passed, locked it up like he used to, and have lost the key, so my mind is in overdrive now how do i get in there or open it, need to get the garden tool's out.

.He would have the answer but if he was here, i would not have the problem i the first place.

I hope you all get threw the  day week the best we can.

Take Care Ellie x

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Oh Ellie I do feel for you, my mind is mush at the moment.  I wake every day and search through my diary to see if I've got anything on in case I'd forgotten. I used to have a brilliant memory with no need for a diary, now I forget everything. I'm sure your key will turn up somewhere you're least expecting.

I'm starting a new role at work tomorrow and they've assured me I'll be fine or they wouldn't have asked me, but I'm worried I won't retain any information given.

I don't know about you but I seem to have lost all confidence in myself. Mark was always my biggest champion, telling me I was capable of anything!

Hope you have a good day. I'm going for coffee and cake with my daughter so will enjoy that.

Love Ali x

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Hi All,

Glad it's not just me, I have a pad of paper and pen in most rooms just to write down simple tasks and things to do that I normally wouldn't have to do and my kids had a snigger at it at the weekend as they are the most simple tasks but my brain is just not working. I had to submit my annual Budgets at work the other week for 2020 / 2021 I told my boss I couldn't plan as far ahead as tomorrow so I did it but god knows what I did but at this point in time work seems of little importance to me apart from the fact I have a mortgage and bills to pay.

I have had an hour in the garden in this sun and done a bit of tidying up and just this simple thing which has never been my domain (Husbands Job) has actually made me quite proud of myself. Just had attempt 2 of putting hook up in understairs cupboard as attempt one was epic fail so watch this space.

I went for a run this morning so trying to start the week off on a positive note but wheel usually falls off the wagon within a couple of days.

Keep going everyone we are doing this (Only just but we are)