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In Scotland the health minister has said she isn't going to suggest over 70s self isolate but reduce social contact and be sensible. 

I'm not in that age group but have been thinking about this. I have little social contact anyway and spend many days and every evening alone so if I needed to isolate myself if I got symptoms or was in contact with someone else then the isolation itself would be little different from the norm. I spend about 10 days on my own over Christmas time and in some ways it's easier than forcing myself out. 

Just wondering what others think?

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Same here. We're nowhere near talking about isolation or anything here as we only have 3 cases but there have been talks about closing the university where I work in the next 2 weeks or so, according to how things develop. I'm in the same situation as you. Apart from work, I'm already isolated. A colleague of mine kind of jokes about it because I admitted half-jokingly once of being a hermit. He teases me about living in my cave. I laugh but it's actually not that funny. I wasn't feeling too well today and was wondering what I would do if one day I was seriously ill. I guess I'll have to call an ambulance if I can and go about things like  a big girl, right? This said, I prefer be alone than with a group of people. Oh, well...

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Hi Wildcat, Limbo, 

I am joining your group. I have also considered myself as self isolated long before this virus appeared , in July last year, when I lost my hubby. Will not make any difference to me with this virus arround. 

Yes, its much easier to stay at home, then force myself outside. If I had some one to go out with, would probably make some difference, but I tend to curl up on the sofa and just be there. 


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