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Anniversaries (and nothing really changes)

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3 years 

3 years w/out u
but u r still here
here w/ me when i fail
w/ me when i survive

i feel your nudges
and i hear your jokes
i see your looks
and smell your clothes

3 years of hard graft
to stand on my own 2 feet
doing my very best
to be what u saw in me

3 years of ebb & flow
one step forward
six steps back
as that's my lot i know

i only dreamt once
that u were w/ me
but presence prevails
as absence hits hard

i know u steer me
and keep me from harm
then let me try some more
to check how well i do

i'm doing great
by all accounts
but this shell just lacks
what makes all things worth

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This is  beautiful.

what a tribute. Thankyou for sharing it with us here.  I hope your happy memories give you comfort. it is a very hard road to travel but we do it anyway. 
big hugs to you 

Sarah xx

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Thank you Sarah. It just came out and I thought this would be the right place to share it on, as we all feel it somehow.

Needing friends
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Truly beautiful, it says everything many of us are feeling THANK YOU x

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Thank you Needing Friends. I never write, but I felt I had to share this.