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21st January 2019 the day Bill left us

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Hi everyone

I saw that some of you are going through the time when your soulmate/rock left.

At present I am reliving the last 2 months when Bill went into Chelsea Marsden to have a RIG fitted for a side effect he got from his treatment in 2015, he could not swallow.

Not sure if I am during the right thing reading the text messages we had in between my visit to the hospital everyday.

Reading the patient diary when he was in the Critical Care Unit for over a month this was done for when the patient got better so they understood what had taken place while he was on the Ventilator. He went through so much treatment and then also having delusions.  The last entry was on the 19th by me saying how well he was doing and then it all went down hill. Then on the 21st January, he gave up the fight.

I miss him so much which I know you all understand only to well.

Just felt I needed to put something down in writing as it just so overwhelming at the moment.

I will get through this and carry on as we all have to do.

Love you all

Lesley xx

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Hi Lesley

Ive just got to the 1st year mark 3rd of Jan and it is very hard reliving all the weeks of what you said and what you did and what they went through i kept a diary of all Peters treatmeant days and how well he did at times and times that didnt go so well.

People tell me not to dwell on it but to think about the happy times but i feel i have to think about all what happened in the last 12 months of his life  i cant pretend it didnt happen.

Next Friday will be 1 year since he was laid to rest and i have to think about that day as well.

Take care


Until we meet again x