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1st Anniversery

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Hi all

Yesterday was the 1 year mark of my husband passing i released a balloon took flowers to the cemetery cried a lot spent the day with my 8 year old grandson which kept me busy. In the evening i had a few drinks with my 2 daughters and listened to his favorite music.

This is a difficult and sad road we are all on and how quick this year as gone it only seems like yeterday i was caring for him and now a year as gone.

I just wanted to say thank goodness for this site it keeps me going.

And to everyone on this journey we are stronger then we think.

Take care


Until we meet again x
Ruby Diamond
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Hi Mary

I bet you were pleased to have the company and it sounds like the perfect day. 

I agree that in no time at all we are passing "1st" anniversaries, and going through the "this time last year" memories. 

This site is a good place to post, and read posts, sometimes just hearing others in the same situation makes us feel calmer and less alone.

Take care 

  • Ruby diamond x