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Dead meat
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With you there.

If we lived in the world of Star Trek (on tv while I was feeding the cat) a quick injection would bring us back to life as healthy as we were before, but that's not the case. I read an article by one of the paramedics that appeared on 999: Whats your Emergency and he mentioned how they edited out all the times that resuscitation was unsuccessful, had a poor outcome or the person was all ready dead so it gives a false impression of the success rate outside hospital.

I've walked out of A&E and saw an old lady with a machine mounted on the trolley pounding away at her chest, her clothes gaping open and the police following the paramedics, I dare say that did not have a good outcome and that is a sight that I can never unsee.


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I have asked for some of my husband's donations for Macmillan but not for cancer care but I would like an improvement in communication with us the carers and how we get help and improved information when they drop the clanger that your loved one has cancer!! It is so lacking in this area!!! 

Needing friends
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Absolutely, this is my main gripe. Does anyone know how we can collect suggestions which could be passed to relavent people? 

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