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feeling of sadness

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I just wanted to say its been a couple of days now and I cant shake this sadness in me , if I'm not asleep I'm crying its just awful how I miss my fiancee everyday is such a struggle xx I tell her I love her everyday but miss that reply of love you even more . Its just not fair. Wishes don't come true . My apologies for my sadness

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James, a couple of days is really very soon after.

I didn't come on here for weeks after I lost Amanda end of July, but I'm glad I did. It's a really good place to say how you feel, there's no judgement and we all understand. You will pick up positive things from others. It's a tough journey but were all on it together.

Feeling sad is normal cry whenever you want to it helps, you will have angry days, vent it here get it off your chest and dont try to hold it in.

Sorry to hear of your loss, but know a few days it will be raw but most still feel it months and sometimes years, were all different but on here we have our loss in common.

Take care of yourself, and good luck on our shared journey.


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