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What now

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A while ago I posted in the carers group, "are we nearly there" and it seems we were. My husband of 44yrs died on 4th November. Slightly sooner than we expected, I think even the hospice at home nurses thought he had a few weeks more.  I miss him. We have 2 children who have been wonderful, and are looking after me. Since he died we've been busy, first sorting his funeral, which was a beautiful celebration of his life, and then Christmas and New Year. I knew it would be hard, and it is. I try to remember things - but all the time the last 6 months get in the way and I struggle to remember the good times, the careing for him was all encompassing. I'm sure it'll get better, but I feel like I'm climbing an impossible hill sometimes.  I wish he was here. 

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Hi Cathjt, 

I am very sorry to hear about your recent loss. 

Your story is a happy ending and a heartbreaking one at the same time. Your son has miracleously recovered from his illness and now he is completing his training and at the same time you lost your beloved husband and soulmate.

You have done the right thing by joining our group full of wonderful people, who are going through the grieving process. This is a ' lifesaving' place for those, who need to express their feelings and not being judged. People here are understanding, sympathetic, listening and someone will always respond and give you some comfort.

The grieving process is a natural process. We all have to go through it. Please make sure, you eat and drink even just a little, and you get some sleep. Looking after ourself is the best you can do for now. Take little steps at a time and don't expect too much from yourself. Be kind to yourself. 

Sending you virtual hugs

  • Andrea xxx