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How Strange is Love

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Dear all

It's New Years Eve and I've been reflecting over the past along with memories of  my sweetheart Anne. How I loved her beauty when we first met 51yrs ago. She was stunning with her long brown hair. For me it was love at first sight. Anne and I married within one year of meeting. I always knew we would be married. I knew that the first time I layed eyes on her and we had our first dance. Time passed and we had two children. Anne brought them up perfectly as I was always required at work as a Met Police Officer. They turned out to be be loving and truly supporting adults.  But you know? My darling was never more beautiful in my eyes and heart than during our last year's.  Lupus and a previous bout of cancer had taken away most of my sweety pies  hair for good and she  looked world weary but soldiered on for another  17yrs before  the second bout of  cancer  was to take truly  hold of Anne and aged her severely before she finally  passed. I was there beside her hospital bed as beautiful as ever before I saw the love of my life take her last breath with me saying yet again - I love you Anne. You've been the perfect wife. And and the kids love you to. You were the perfect mum. Anne died with a smile on her face that lasted.

Love and Light 


At the end of all our journeying will be to find ourselves back where we started knowing the place for the first time. TS ELIOT.

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This is a truly beautiful story. 

You were blessed to have such a wonderful wife by your side. 


Andrea xx

  • Andrea xxx