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14 months since my husband died and feeling lonelier than ever

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This Christmas has been so difficult - I can’t even remember how I got through last year but reality has set in that my lovely husband won’t ever come home.  Any special moments I have are tinged with sadness as he isn’t here to share it with me.  Seeing my excited grandchildren at Christmas was bittersweet-  all our dreams and plans for our retirement together never happened. I feel he was cheated and so was I and our family. 

The loneliness is almost unbearable even though I have a wide support network. I feel guilty that life feels like an existence now. 

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Only 5 months on christmas day for me, but your post pretty well sums up how I feel, had Christmas away with our grandsons,but yes bittersweet is how it felt.

I've already began to feel that I will never see Amanda again, and agree the looneliness is terrible.

After a lifetime together I really find it very hard to be without her.

Hope things get better for you I guess I have more of my journey along the road were all on.


Softly the leaves of memories fall gently we gather and treasure them all.
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Time I’m sure  will lessen the pain.  I do want to enjoy all the good things that are still in my life. I know that is what Ed would have wanted.