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I found this helpful.

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Today has been a rough day. I've been feeling so sad and so alone for the last couple of days - more so than usual. I thought perhaps I might be able to find a guided meditation that could help. This gave the freedom to cry my eyes out, to feel my beloved near me. Perhaps it can help you, too, if you are having one of those endlessly sad days...

"i carry your heart with me (i carry it in my heart) ..."
Life must end, but love is eternal.

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Martha, I am sorry your last couple of days have been hard. And I am glad you have found Jazon Stephenson. I really like him. Look up his meditation "surrender", I think you might like that one too.

Love, Mel. Mel.

I don't like "moving on" because it sounds like leaving our loved one and all that happened behind. But I like "moving forward" because it means that, in spite of my tremendous loss and the pain about that, I move forward in my own life taking Paul with me.