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One year in

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I haven’t posted on here for a good while, but I know and remember how I needed this support when a year ago aged 42 I lost my husband after a terminal cancer diagnosis 3 weeks earlier. A year in and the pain is still so raw and the tears flow easily. I have a good supper network of family and fiends and for that I am so very grateful. I still have many days where I want this all to stop and for my old life to return. I am learning to be kind to myself and to except each day or moment. 

I wanted to say to anyone new here it’s a journey non of us wanted to take but I found the support of the online community so very valuable and a comfort when the nights were and still are long and lonely xx

One Step At A Time
Ruby Diamond
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This is a heart felt post.

How lovely of you to think of others.

I'm alittle head of you on this long lonely journey, and the tears still flow. I also have good days and can look alittle into the future and make plans. 

I also really value this site, and read most posts and comment when I need to.

Take care 

  • Ruby diamond x