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I am unfamiliar with how to upload files. Trying to upload a poem. I hope you will be helpful and patient but also chop me up if you don't like what I am posting!  Val aka Darkie

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© Val B 22/3/2019


We enter this world with nothing

But to leave it with nothings’ untrue

We take along with us an imprint

The general essence of ‘you’


We take with us all of the feelings

In life we have gathered along

And absorb it into our spirit

As we follow death’s final song.


We take all the love from our family

Our friends and the rest we adore

And though they are not solid objects

We know they are worth far much more


You physically can’t touch emotion

But you can feel when it touches you

And when you are dead you project it

To loved ones you know will feel blue


That’s why when we lose a close loved one

We often can feel them around

Even though we can’t see them

Nor hear any tangible sound


So don’t think that when it’s your time to depart

From the only world that you know

That you will be leaving with nothing

Because that just isn’t so.

puddle fish
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Love it.

i tried to express my grief the type that just stops you in your tracks no warning 

To Jerry

I had to  stop were I was I at.

Sit I did and from the world I hid.

the sun still shines and the wind may blow.

But my love is lost,  and I can not go.

So here I sit, where we once we stood

To see the view and wish I could

Hear your voice or feel your touch

But now your gone and missed so much

hours pass, then days,  now months.

your timelines still, and mine just jumps   

Our journeys split, though once entwined

until  the day our souls   combine

A new journey  I must take

And live life twice for both our sake

©️Katie M

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For My Chris - Martha G M

I have never known this kind of pain before,

But I had never known this kind of love before.

One must follow the other, I suppose, when death comes.

But death cannot kill love, indeed, it only makes it stronger.

It lives on in my heart and in his eternal and limitless energy – 

in his spirit that will not, that cannot be diminished.

He lives on in his children, in his grandchildren, present and future, 

and in the hearts of those who loved him.

He lives on in me and the myriad memories we made together.

I held his hand as he slipped away,

Told him I loved him for the millionth time … and the last time,

Kissed his face and hands and heard his final breath.

And in that moment, I knew my life would never be the same,

And while I hope to never again feel this depth of sadness, 

I will always be full of love, because that is what he left me… 

a legacy of love and laughter and silliness and goodness.

"i carry your heart with me (i carry it in my heart) ..."
Life must end, but love is eternal.

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I hope no-one will take offence:


This grief is my cross, the nails are my memories.

Your dying was my Passion, my garden of Gethsemane.

I wear the crown of thorns that weds me to my past.

The blood that drips into the broken cup is now unrequited love.

It seeps into your ashes from which no Phoenix will arise.

There is no Mary Magdalene to quench my thirsting heart

Or with perfumed water, soothe my aching soul.

The tears on my tongue are my only refreshment,

Their salt, a bitter salve to my festering wound.

Where are the feathered angels, the guardians of our lives ?

Are they all deserters encamped amongst themselves ?

This anguish laced with acid robs me of myself

As it eats away the stitches that held my fragile seams.


The cloak has fallen; the garment we had sewn together is no more -

The lots were cast by some conniving thieves

And I, the beggar, wear but half, while the so-called saints in heaven

Hang out with my other half and leave me in the cold.

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katie, I have written poetry since i was very small. My dad taught me to read and write when i was a toddler. I have always found it the best way to express myself. Check out Northern Poetry on facebook. It is a lovely gentle site. Poetry does not have to rhyme and there are many different formats. I have never studied it academically though as I get what I need from my own versions.  I think you made a wonderful job in your own poem. xxx Val

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another fabulous piece xx

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dear Limbo

You should NEVER apologise for expressing your feelings. They are what they are and despite my denial of God and religion I think it is a wonderful and very emotional item. You have such emotion and imagination it cannot fail to touch others. There is no artist I know of who attaches apologies to their paintings! Creativity and especially as a form of healing and expression falls into the same category. Thank you for sharing this. x Val aka Darkhorse123

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Dear all,

Just thought I would share one of my poems.  Probably more apt for the carers group, as this was inspired by our attitude during my husband's illness, but sharing it nevertheless. I do have one titled "acknowledging grief" but don't feel ready to share this at the moment but will do soon.... 

I totally agree with Val/Darkhorse that creativity can be very healing.

With lots of love,

Dutsie Xx      

The night of the storm #Menorca 2018

Under cover outside in the storm,

We were delighted

Under the cloud of the diagnosis,

Some would say we were blighted

In the midst of the storm we had choices

Instead of that sinking feeling that is accompanied by darkness,

We decided upon enjoying the dark sky illuminated by lightness

We reminisced into the early hours and he shared,

I feel incredibly lucky with life I have had

I now reminisce alone looking up at the night sky,

Our decision to make the most I am so glad 

© Dutsie 

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I you were the only girl in the world

and I was the only boy

We would be drawn together

That would be our only choice

But there are six billion souls alive

On. This planet of blue and green

Even so we met and loved

And found our true life's deam

So how can that be if it were not for fate

That we loved and bred and then we lost

What cost did we pay for that first day

When our eyes first met

Our heart first jioned

Two nieve kids with plenty of time

A time infinite, but still bound

To a mortal life. 

Now that time has blown our world apart

I hoe that mortality was just thevstat

Of our journey, with each other. 

I could never love another. 

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Dear Dutsie

Before I got breast cancer, I nursed my beloved who had bowel cancer for three and a half years. So I have experienced both sides. I think your words are poignant. I too have pieces I am not ready to share and that is okay. We only need to share what we feel ready to, what we want to. For me personally I feel that sharing what I can enhances my healing as I like to think it could resonate with others and help them too.

I am glad I started this poem thread because so many people have leapt upon it like a life raft and I have gained so much myself from reading the work of others.  Thank you Dutsie, thank you all who have contributed.

Darkie aka Val