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Its 22.16 im sat in bed.....i dont know why but a memory popped in my head from 2013 and linzi moved to bainbridge near richmond north yorkshire....on the night time me n linzi would sit on the bench outside ,and because we lived in the middle of nowhere in a farm cottage type place there was no street lights....and the stars in the sky at night where so perfect bright beautiful just like lindsey .if you google yorebridge house we lived two mins away and it is a place where the stars at night are breath taking ....good night everyone ...sending everyone a hug you wifey got chug next to me cuddling him i hope your cuddling my teddy charlie .love you miss you .....i hope we can talk in dream world tonight i love you so much my wife .you are my air ,like i always said in ourlove letters to each other ,sweet dreams xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 

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