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Husband died yesterday

puddle fish
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 He was very ill so we knew it was coming, just didn’t expect it so quickly. I’m pleased it was a peaceful death and he kind of surprised shocked everyone which was just like him. But nobody can prepare you for the massive hole in your life after 34 years together it’s going to take time. We starved the sadness of his terminal diagnosis with so many happy memories, so camera in hand I will just have to carry on without him. Xx 

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Hi so sorry and it's no easier with a long time or shorter diagnosis . Love your carry on attitude, yes huge empty hole.take care of yourself xxx 

Ruby Diamond
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What a lovely photo.

I'm so sorryrry for your loss and that you have found yourself here.

I'm sending you strength to carry on, just do the essentials but look after yourself

  • Ruby diamond x
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I’m so sorry for your loss.

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Lovely photo.

So sorry for your loss - sending hugs.

Be kind to yourself.

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So sorry for your loss XXX

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Lovely photo and remember him that way.

Three weeks ago for me and this group has been a great support so keep strong, cry when you need to and sending virtual hugs to you.