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I am numb it hurts

Flying vic
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Today my wife my soulmate of nearly 36 year's lost the battle with TNBC  and is now in heaven it hurts so much

Here i  stand GBTFV
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Had to post when I read this. So sorry Flying Vic. Everyone on this board has stood exactly where you stand now and is ready to offer a hand to help however we can. You aren’t alone and we all understand. Just get through however you need to for now. 


Worrying does not take away tomorrow’s troubles; it takes away today’s peace. 
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Dear Flying Vic,

what an important day. All of us here are only days, weeks or months further down the line from where you stand. All good wishes to you from your fellow travellers. 

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So sorry to hear your news please post whatever whenever. My deepest sympathies  

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Hello Flyingvic

you have come to the right place, we are all going through the same awful experience, mine started 12 weeks ago tonight. I have found great comfort from the lovely people on here. Keep in touch

kindest regards

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Thoughts with you x

One day at a time.......
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I’m so sorry for your loss. You will find lots of support here.


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Hi flyingvic

So sorry to hear your news but as others have said you are not alone my thoughts are with you .

love & hugs 

jojo xxxxx

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I'm so sorry for your loss Flying Vic.  I lost my husband at the end of September after 36 years of marriage.  It is so painful. Sending you a hug.

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I am four months in to this worse journey of my life Vic and feel the pain every day. I know everyone says it will get better and really it will, but I still cry every few days.  But that’s better than last month and the month before, so it’s true . All our friends say they understand, don,t they, just talk to us, but what do they know, until it’s been their  turn, but they care and that’s something to focus on.   

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I am so sorry for the pain and loneliness you are feeling.  I lost my husband in October, while I was undergoing high dose chemo for Stage 4 Lymphoma.

For me, every day is a bit better, but the pain is so jarring that it hits me at the oddest times.  

I am still recovering from Cancer, so most of my time is spent in bed (exhaustion issues) and, of course, i hate being the only one here.  I miss my Gerry.

Here's hoping your heart and soul grown stronger, and that you don't MISS your lovely wife less, but you feel the pain less and less as time goes on.

Minnesota, USA
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Hi mate I am ten days ahead of you and yes it hurts like hell nearly every minute of every day and especially night. Guess it's the way when you have been through what we have with someone we love so deeply. 

It's shit x

Mr I'm ok and everything is fine thank you.