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Grieving with gratitude

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I have just seen a post "three good things" on another section of this site and thought it may be a good idea to introduce to this group. 

It is recommended for happiness. Apparently, the act of thinking about your day,  being thankful for acts no matter how small, somehow changes the way we think.

I also read about a lady grieving with gratitude. She found the path of gratitude healing and tethered her to the present time. She said it did not change the pain of the loss but did alleviate some of the suffering.

Here goes mine....

1. Loved the feeling of the sun hitting my face when I popped out this morning.

2. Looking forward to having lunch with my sisters, nephew and nice today.

3. Having the motivation to go for a walk today.

Wishing all a better day today and with lots of love, 

Dutsie Xx

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Hi Dutsie

That's a good way to start. 

The sun on my face I imagine him smiling. 

Work for colleagues who support and talk. 

Tomorrow when I hope to see my friend who was with me through the hardest of times. Hope you had some bright points. Love and best wishes xxx

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Hi WifeOf26years,

"The sun on my face I imagine him smiling"

Love it, made me smile reading this...

With love,

Dutsie Xx