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Going back to work

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Hi All 

2nd day back at work after my Husband passed away on the 3rd of January feeling emotional coming home to a empty house.

But the day was ok took my mind off things for a few hours and being able to talk to friends was good and i laughed for the first time in awhile just doesnt feel right coming home with no one there to talk about my day hopefully it will get better as time goes on.

My Husband was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer December 2017 and lost his fight 3rd January 2019.

Take care Mary59

Until we meet again x
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Hi Mary

I'm glad work has been ok and took your mind off things. But it must be very difficult coming home to an empty house.

I'm debating at the moment whether to go back next week or have a few more weeks off so it's good to hear from someone who has done it.

Sending hugs 

Erica x

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Dear Mary and Erica 

Coming home to an empty house is a hard one to get use to especially as my husband was at home when he passed. Also my daughter's  out more now. Sometimes it's  nice to come back to my space and sometimes I just want to go back out. But well done on those first steps and hope your return is a positive for you Erica xxx

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I bottled going back and got the gp to sign me off for 3 more weeks!!

I don't mind being on my own as long as it's not for a whole day.

My kids are both staying over at their nans on Friday as I was supposed to out but now I'm not so need to decide what to do if anything 

Mush Brain
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you bottled nothing you were not ready and you have done the sensible thing for you, we are all different. You can only do things in your own time 

luv and hugs



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Quite agree everyone is different. Hope work were understanding. Take care xxx