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Husband Funeral Today

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Its helped so much to read all of your words on the subject of losing someone.

Today will be very hard knowing that my husband time is over but he is with me in spirit.

I do anything to have him back. I regret not having a video of him walking and talking as I miss his presence so much in the house.

The pain and loss is so overwhelming.

I posted a while ago about his passing on the 21st January. Your posts back then made me feel not so alone. Friends and family have been amazing it’s just I stil feel lonely.

Will start going back to my usually activities when I feel ready and try to make a new normal. 

Lesley xx

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I shall be thinking of you today. I hope it goes as you want it to and that you find some comfort from the day.

Be kind to yourself and do things in your own time. 

Sending you love and strength xx

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I hope your day has gone as well as it could have. I found that there was a very sudden change of gear after the funeral, from flat out to nothing to do. People went back to their lives more quickly than me and I felt left behind. Good luck with the next days. I’m thinking of you. 

Mush Brain
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Hi Lesley

I do hope today was ok and you able to say goodby the way you wanted. It is so very, very hard, and in many ways lonely regardless of who is around you.  

Luv and hugs



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Dear Lesley 

                  I do hope that today was a day you let go in a way you wanted and you had love and support around you. Now there may be other things to do but you do them as and when you can manage. Take care of yourself xxx

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Hi Lesley

Thinking of You as you start the next part of your journey with love & hugs

jojo xxx