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I remember ...Him

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Hello friends

We are hurting and grieving... but I thought we might like to share what we admired and loved about our partners in a positive way. I don’t want cancer to define my husband or our loving marriage - so here goes this my snapshot.

HE was a brilliant, talented photographer and artist.     He loved to be outside in the countryside or walking the riverbank.   He would (and did) chat easily with everybody but was also quite shy!   He claimed to never know my birthday or our wedding anniversary but funnily enough always remembered!    He thought his jokes were hilarious.   He loved to say that we he was a vegetarian before Linda Maccartney.    He could fix and mend everything.  He never wore a watch and never worried about time.    He didn’t know what stress was as he never invited it into his life.   Oh and he loved us all very much.   


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Hi Sunshine 55 what a great idea. I don't get a lot of opportunities to really talk to anyone about my K as his family are all up North. Well everyone said he was the funniest person you could meet. He could light up a room. He had lots of old jokes and sayings I used to groan at hearing the umpteenth time! He was a brilliant football player, should have been professional but did play semi pro and managed and coached footballers here and I America. He loved to share his passion and skills and when he stopped playing in his fifties, coached young boys for five years. Most of all he was wise and kind. He was so brave when he was in agony and pain. He remained positive saying he was going to beat the cancer. He admired our dogs and they adored him. He was so full of life you always knew he was around. He loved us and life X

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Dear 17.    That was so lovely  - and how you must miss that lovely, kind wise man.  

Enjoy your Sunday 17.   I will raise my glass to you and K at lunch today xxx


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What a good idea!

My husband was also keen on art. He did watercolours, pen and ink drawings and calligraphy. Even though I say it myself, he was very talented!

He loved Formula 1, and was a big Lewis Hamilton fan.He loved films and had a wide taste in music, having worked in both those industries.

He had a kind heart, was fairly quiet, but very wise and always hopeful, with a strong Christian faith.

Not an outdoor person, but we always had dogs and he did walk them! 

I do miss him, but am thankful for 35 years of marriage to him.

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Dear Northernlass

I know we have so many similarities  in our lives from our emails to each other.   

Thank you for sharing memories of your lovely husband and your life together.   


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Hi sunshine 55 what a lovely idea, today is40 years to the day I met my soul mate, we had talked about renewing our wedding vows today but not to be so I think remembering him in a positive way is perfect..  Billy was always smiling, he was always positive and made people around him the same, he always had a joke or quip to share, he lived for our three children and our granddaughter now six was the apple of his eye, they knew they could turn to him for anything. He loved travelling, holidays here and abroad and loved walking our dogs in the country or  at the seaside. 

I feel so lucky that I found my soulmate when I was sixteen and that we had forty happy years together. ❤️Xx


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Hi Jud

Happy memories of a long life together, 3 children and your granddaughter.     

You were here indeed lucky to have found your soulmate.  You and I are the same age!


pommy mommy
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Hello Sunshine55 and all, 

What a lovely thing to suggest our memories ❤️

My Husband My Will

I met him when I was 17 he was 21 , he was a very handsome RAF policeman and wasn’t long before we fell in love.

Even though we were very young we made plans to be together when he was stationed abroad but unfortunately this never happened as he was involved in a car accident and became tetraplegic paralysed from the chest down .

He spent 9 months in hospital in rehabilitation and we got our first place together.

He was brave and courageous beyond belief, never complaining about the hand he’d been dealt.

We were married in 1983 and we were blessed with two sons who we both adored , he was especially proud  of there achievements.

He loved and adored me and knew I did him.

We loved travelling and never let his disability stop us.

He got himself a hand cycle so that he could take his boys out biking .

He had another love in his life ..... his cars 

He had car after car and was always looking at what he was going to buy next.

What a wonderful father and husband and best friend he was , we were on the same page and often had the same thoughts.

I feel blessed that I had so much love and happiness in the 38 years we had together I will always be thankful for that.

I truly selfless man who’s main concern was always others , never complained just got on with with it , a true example of a lovely person in every sense of the word.



An update to my profile, unfortunately my darling Husband lost his battle on the 10th of February after just 8 months since diagnosis, we had so much hope for a longer time together but it didn’t happen .

Just feeling a whole range of emotions now and wondering how I’ll ever cope without him by my side.

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Dear Sharon

I can feel the love leaping off the page.   Thank you for sharing with us.


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My man Martin was my husband, friend, soulmate,  confidante, my everything. 

A family man, whose wife (me!), children and grandchildren were the most important part of his life.  He was a very matter of fact person and never looked back with regrets. A positive person. His life had been the fire service and had experienced some horrific events. For all that he was a kind and gentle man. 

He loved to play his piano and enjoyed a wide genre of music,  ranging from Pavarotti to S Club 7!!! We had lovely countryside walks and spent time together constantly.

He was the best thing that ever happened to me.


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Dear Jo

Havent we all been so lucky to have had such wonderful men in our lives.   Thank you for being part of this.   


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Hi Sunshine 55,

What a lovely idea.

My partner Laurence was a tall dark handsome hgv driver when we met. He did not suffer fools and had a very dry sense of humour. His jokes were awful! He suffered a massive stroke in 2008 which left him unable to drive his hgv anymore. However he managed to get his car licence back and got a part time job with the local patient experience team. He used to actively seek out fellow stroke survivors and encourage them not to give up, he often said that his stroke was the begining of a new life that he intended to live to the full. He loved steam trains, classic cars, travel and a wide range of music. He loved action movies and discovered talking books when his stroke left him with severe dyslexia. He was brave and fearless in his approach to his cancer diagnosis. He supported me in everything I did and taught me to face my fears and not be frightened of the world! My rock and my soul mate. We had 14 amazing years together and I miss him every day. It will be his birthday tomorrow, another first!

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Hi all

I haven't posted in a while but when I'm read this thread I had to join in.

I met my lovely man when we were both in first marriages.  17 years and a divorce later, he came back into my life.

He was the strongest, gentlest, man who like some of the others on here, still believed he was going to beat cancer right up till the end, despite being told it was terminal.  He never talked about it - I probably did the worrying for both of us.  He was a staunch Newcastle United supporter, and would come out with the most obscure jokes - which only I would understand, I'm smiling just thinking about it.  He would think they were hilarious.  

I always told him he was the wind beneath my wings - he gave me my confidence back and always believed in me.  We were so close we would be thinking the same thing at the same time !  I was lucky enough to have him in my life for 30 years.  

I love him so much, and I know he loved me.

Love you to the moon and back Colin.x

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Hi Swimcat

Great to see you post on here again.    lovely memories of Laurence.   They were are so brave - our warriors.  


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Hello Mrsdanno

30 years of memories.    Thank you for telling us.    It made me smile.